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american redstart migration

Photo by Simon Duval, recognized as an AHY male. Later, however, predators and nest parasites are also attracted to edges, resulting in reduced productivity at forest edges. Their songs are generally dry, unmusical, often complex whistles (“warbles”). McGill Bird Observatory (QC), August 2008, An HY male with an unusually dark and extensive orange breast patch. However, there are others with more yellowish breast patches that are more difficult to separate from females, and a minority of individuals may have to be left as sex unknown. The American Redstart is a unique warbler. Photo by Simon Duval, Habitat destruction on the wintering grounds is also a conservation concern. among examples. Members of this diverse group make up more than half of the bird species worldwide. View full list of Washington State's Species of Special Concern. identified just by their overall drab appearance, but wing and tail Again, the rectrices are quite pointed, and in this case there are also A minority of HY individuals may be sufficiently intermediate between typical female and male patterns that they cannot be reliably sexed. Some HY males can be easily recognized by already having black flecks in the lores or throat. Photo by Simon Duval, females, and some HY/SY males may have salmon-orange Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, New York. Throughout their range, American Redstarts are found in moist, second-growth hardwood forests, with a dense shrub layer. Note that in this case the primary coverts are distinctly paler brown than the greater coverts. Redstarts, this tail has juvenile rectrices that are distinctly narrow and pointed. the lack of contrast between the greater and primary coverts. McGill Bird Observatory, August 2006, Another view of the same individual as above, showing some reddish tinges on the Most American Redstarts migrate south through North America and winter in Mexico, Central America, and northern South America. The male is black with orange patches on each wing, on the sides of its breast, and at the base of its tail on either side. Adult males are black with bright orange wings, tail, and sides. recognized as an ASY male. This warbler forages in trees and bushes, habitually flicking its tail and wings to scare up insects. McGill Bird Observatory, August 2009, Photo by Marcel Gahbauer, McGill Bird Observatory, May 2005, On some males, such as this, the orange markings are somewhat paler. of the central secondaries appears to have been adventitiously replaced, showing a typical female. Photo by Seabrooke Leckie, updated profile is located at: Some of these declines may be from habitat loss due to natural maturation of forests, but others may be directly or indirectly related to habitat degradation from fragmentation. AHY females and HY males are often quite similar in appearance, and checking for complete skull pneumatization is the best way to confirm AHY females in late summer and early fall. Photo by Seabrooke Leckie, McGill Bird Observatory, August 2007. McGill Bird Observatory, August 2005, An HY male with unusual pigmentation, the breast patch being similar to the salmon The nest is nestled against a trunk, or attached to vertical stems, from 4 to 70 feet off the ground. Much smaller and more active than other black-and-orange birds like orioles. Estimated for 2018. with the greater coverts. However their brains are relatively large and their learning abilities are greater than those of most other birds. 2020. eBird Status and Trends, Data Version: 2018; Released: 2020. generally little or no yellow extending beyond the primary back, which is usually greenish-gray, without any other colours. Warblers in general are often called "the butterflies of the bird world," but the Redstart may live up to that nickname more than any other species. McGill Bird Observatory, August 2007. HY redstarts have a molt limit between the greater and primary coverts, with the primary coverts somewhat paler, though the distinction tends to be subtle., Certain products may be unavailable due to insufficient data. . Any American Redstart in fall with extensive black plumage can be immediately recognized as an AHY male. They migrate at night, generally in the late spring and early fall. Rectrix shape varies little by age in American Redstarts, and only SY individuals with unusually narrow and pointed rectrices can be recognized by shape. MerryLea (IN), May 2007, A somewhat paler wing, especially in terms of the reduced amount of yellow visible, The American Redstart has a relatively short, wide bill. Western breeders appear to migrate to western wintering areas, including southern California, Mexico, and Central America. American Redstarts live in deciduous forests, often near water, during the summer and those who breed in Ontario are believed to migrate to South America and the Caribbean. As is the case for SY males, SY females have a molt limit between the greater and primary coverts that is often rather subtle and difficult to detect with certainty. while on AHY/ASY birds the primary coverts are Photo by Simon Duval, A particularly yellow ASY female tail, with yellow across r3. patches almost as dark as those on AHY/ASY males, 3) Photo by Marcel Gahbauer, Breeds in deciduous forests (mature and secondary growth). Photo by Simon Duval, However, some SY males may lack any black plumage, and can appear quite similar to females. McGill Bird Observatory, August 2009, Photo by Marcel Gahbauer, AHY males have have blackish tails with orange patches on r3-6. ASY female yellow pattern, in contrast with the much paler juvenile feathers on either side. Photo by Peter Pyle, The amount of yellow on r3 on AHY females can range from a small spot on the inner web to matching the full span of yellow seen on the outer rectrices. HY females have a molt limit between the greater coverts and primary coverts but it tends to be even more subtle than on HY males.

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