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are prima watercolors lightfast

It is very similar to Quin Rose but perhaps more on the blue side. ( and so they need testing no matter from which brand they come from ). None seem to granulate, at least not much. I just sketch and paint with them. ( and this is only one company). On the bottom row, a number of faded colours are obvious. But this test reassures me. I think I had better do my own testing. Glass can act as a bit of a protection, especially UV glass. For more good stuff on colour there is Michael Briggs who has a very common sense site for colour. The final sheet has more traditional Chinese pigments that were bought as pellets many years ago in Hong Kong. Dust and insects can damage them more than light and air. I have done other tests of my palette colours and they are all fine. They do wet from the pans ok if misted first but the colors look to me like they are rather opaque and have fillers. And here’s some reviews showing swatches of all colors, and the admittedly dandy palette box: but if it is fading I haven't noticed....yet! These are great, thank you so much!I was going to order Quin Rose, but accidentally ordered Quin Pink instead. But when using for fun and inside books it is not that important. Art Philosophy®, a division of Prima, is a fine-art focused brand bringing fine watercolor and art products to everyday artists. Whether you are using a limited palette with one of each of the primaries or ... All rights reserved. They are vibrant but there is not a lot of info about them. I expected a possible change in the last one, Permanent Red Deep, but can't see any. Prima Marketing® is also home to a variety of other brands that encompass a wide variety of arts and decor styles. You can see more of my work along with tutorials on my website www.janeblundellart.com. We manufacture handmade specialty Prima Flowers® for the scrapbooking and crafts industries. In the bottom row, all samples are unchanged. Jane Blundell.. Watermark theme. They are advertised as being artist quality, although I suspect that is probably an exaggeration, but based on the few reviews and YouTube videos I saw online, the colors look fun and vibrant. Rhodonite has continued to dull, but so has the sample that was in a draw unexposed to light as apparently it is exposure to oxygen that changes the colour of rhodonite. I looked at the Prima Watercolor Confections sets so many times and told myself no. Here's the link to the previous post so you can see all the colours http://janeblundellart.blogspot.com.au/2013/10/lightfast-tests-5-months.html. I saw the sample of green apatite that had been up on display at the shop and had faded really badly...so much for ASTM 1 rating. They are called Watercolor Confections and they are sets of 12 half pans in cute little black tins. I have The Classics set of these paints and I am not impressed. Maybe I’m wrong, but that #2 looks as if it can’t *possibly* be lightfast. I use student quality paints all the time and I never had issues with their lightfasntess, having always in mind to leave out, or to test the very bright pinks, roses, mauves etc. The scanned colour looks much more dull as the scanner doesn't pick up the florescent dye. They just didn’t seem to move right on the paper. On the bottom row, all samples seem unchanged. These are largely unknown Japanese pigments bought in Tokyo as a fun set for sketchbook work couple of years ago. Hi Jane....what do you think about Daniel Smith Opera, SB turq and Prussian behind UV glass? This doesn’t surprise me coming from a business/marketing standpoint, people like bright colors (they sell) and everybody likes inexpensive paint. The samples in the bottom row also appear unchanged. The colors aren’t named and there is no information about pigment content, lightfastness, or toxicity. Join @aoladiy tomorrow !!! Together, our brands come together to offer you exceptional value, quality, and most of all, endless inspiration and timeless beauty. At the end of the day, I care that these bring joy to my experience. http://prima.typepad.com/prima/2016/03/painting-away.html#more I love that the flap mixing space has rolled edges and so the paint isn’t as likely to run off and we aren’t as likely to cut ourselves on a sharp edge. This independent testing is invaluable, are you planning to test any of the newer colours on your palette such as the pyrrol crimson? The paint boxes however are worth the money, in my opinion. I am a watercolour artist, passionate about colour. Ordinarily, I would have passed on these sets, but I was able to buy all three of them on Amazon for a total of less than $62.00. Wow! Our DT, Art Alchemy – Impasto Paint (Heavy Body Acrylic Paint), Art Alchemy – Opal Magic & Antique Brilliance Wax, Art Basics – Heavy Gesso White, Black, Clear, Art Extravagance – Crackle Paste, Texture Paste, Art Extravagance – Rust Paste, Stone Effect Paste, Patina Effect Paste, Art Extravagance – Sculpture Medium, Clear, Art Extravagance – Sculpture Medium, Neutral Beige, Art Ingredients – Art Stones, Mini Art Stone, Mega Art Stones, 3D Powder Fine. They look just fine to me excepting of course the rose and the purples that are usually of questionable lightfastness and not to be trusted anyway. Prima Watercolor Confections — Has anyone tried them? Did you ever try testing them after putting a gloss over them? Have you looked at Bruce MacEvoy's website Handprint? Keep away from PY40, PR83 and, it seems, PB27. At a guess, the yellow is genuine Gamboge, which has faded. That's really disappointing. bit.ly/22bCNtX, Prima itself has some highly-caffeniated blog posts: On the bottom row, Prussian blue PB27 has faded, as noted after the 2 month and 7 month scans. I am delighted that these wonderful Primatek green pigments have held up. I'll check them out :-)I haven't done my own lightfast tests with the Primateks. Is this a color to watch, or do you think it is safe to use? And something else just for informative reasons. He was satisfied with his tests of PB15 (Phthalocynanine Blue) so I am assuming the un lightfast part of the PB27 must be what they add to PB15 to make it darker. I’d say play around with them, do lightfastness tests if you like. It was just an example that there are fugitive blue, yellow etc pigments. So don’t worry.. be happy.. :music::music: Almost any colour can be fugitive. I know of watercolourists who work on canvas and paint a varnish over their watercolours rather than framing them under glass. At only $20.57 per set, I thought they were worth the money for the tins alone, so if the paints are good, I’ll consider it a bonus. I was also very surprised about the Prussian Blue - I've only ever read that PB27 is a reliable pigment. I have linked to my videos reviewing these products and links through which you can buy … Excuse me but you are not right regarding this matter. These watercolour paints look as a very interesting offer to me. I’m sure that by time they will understand that giving information about the pigments and the light fastness of the paints is something that is important for most of their customers and they will adjust on that matter. Why not using them at all. Lightfast paint ratings conforming to standards set by ASTM International (originally ASTM, or American Society for Testing and Materials) are often printed on paint tubes. I tend to use them in sketchbooks rather than 'exhibition' works. The paint is decent. Someone who is interesting in using the watercolours could try e-mailing them and see if you have better luck. [FONT=Garamond]“Creativity takes courage.” [FONT=Garamond] I have previously written about choosing a primary red - one that can stand alone in a primary triad of red, yellow and blue. I won’t be using them at all, but I will be using the box. Partly because I don’t need any paints, seriously, you know this if you’ve been reading these reviews.The other part was my inner art supply snob- I told her to shut it. PB27 not lightfast? The top row of sheet 3 had Opera Rose as my control as I expected this to fade, just as I expected Aureolin to fade above and the crimsons to fade below.

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