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area rug cleaning machine

We did some of those interviews in 2016, when we first published our guide to portable carpet and upholstery cleaners; a few others we did in 2018 to expand our coverage to include upright models. Most of them complain about leaks, and our own tests can confirm some sort of quality-control issue there; after I boxed it up for the day, the machine proceeded to leak detergent all over the box and my kitchen floor. Jordan works diligently to ensure only the best products ever make it onto the platform and are showcased in Gear Hungry's carefully curated, tested and expertly researched, informative buying guides. Most people are happy to clean their rugs just once a year, in which case it probably makes more sense to rent a Rug Doctor from the supermarket or to call a professional cleaning service. We then tested each carpet cleaner for ease of use: Finally, we ranked each machine by cleaning performance, hose-tool performance, price, maneuverability, and usability features (size, weight, cord clip, clean-tank level lines, cord length, power-button location and type, number of hose-tool attachments, clean/dirty tank size, cord length, warranty, amount and type of cleaning formulas included, noise). Cleaning this design is slightly more irritating than cleaning other machines we’ve tested, which have simple drop-out contraptions. While we originally tested the now-discontinued 24A4, we’re comfortable recommending the new 66E1 model in its place because it has the same design and features as the model we tested originally, and should deliver the same cleaning performance. On the hunt for the best carpet cleaner? But every ounce of that weight is put to good use. We tested how easily the machine could pass over bumps and thresholds, and judged how sturdy the wheels, handles, latches, and overall build quality were. It also shouldn’t clean out your bank account. It’s simple to operate, with a dirty tank that opens in half for quick rinsing, a clip for the power cord on the handle, and a foot-pedal power switch for quick operation. Cleaning formula: Most cleaners come with an 8-ounce trial-size bottle of formula—some, more than that. Dan Richard of Dan Dan the Carpet Man in Orlando, Florida, told us one of the main reasons people end up needing to hire a pro is that they don’t vacuum enough. The FH50130’s hose tool completely removed both the egg batter and the oil, and left only a faint trace of the red wine and black pen ink. One downside is that this line of carpet cleaners is generally heavy and bulky, though you’ll use it so infrequently that you probably won’t mind. What you need is something that will let you attack the problem and resolve it quickly. The Bissell PowerLifter PowerBrush 1622 worked a bit better. Is there a risk of carpet damage with a carpet cleaner? Weighing 19 pounds, the FH50130 is one of the lighter machines we tested—not the lightest but definitely in the middle. It also shouldn’t clean out your bank account. Dry soil that is not removed turns to mud, impairing the performance of the best carpet extractors. Most can. The Hoover Turbo Scrub Carpet Cleaner FH50130 is a great option if you’re willing to give up some cleaning performance to save some money. That should last a couple of years, depending on how liberal you are with the solution trigger. Photo: Michael Hession, The DeepClean Lift-Off’s removable spot treater is identical to our favorite portable carpet and upholstery cleaner. The weight and size of the machine greatly affects how easy it is to use because large, bulky cleaners are difficult to push. We haven’t found that price scales reliably with cleaning performance, though the cheaper models tend to have fewer hose-tool attachments or in some cases no hose tool at all. The Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer hits all those beats. Be sure to rinse clean the brush heads, nozzles, suction gate, and dust trap after each use: Just run those parts under cold water and set them aside to dry completely before reassembling. We were impressed by how much the DeepClean Lift-Off seemed to revitalize what was a truly filthy carpet. As you roll the cleaner over the carpet, it emits the water and cleaning solution.

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