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beggi pharmaceuticals limited

As one of the first users, Miss Pei from Beijing said, “I have always regarded breathing mask as just a dustproof item, but the BEGGI mask really surprised me, letting me know that such a small mask can also keep us warm, improve and protect the allergic nose, and can even beautify our skin. In addition to its anti-bacterial effects, the smell it emits makes people feel a special enjoyment,” said the relevant person in charge of the BEGGI brand. | The 9 Best Cannabis Podcasts To Listen To Right Now, From The Editor: Why I'm Thankful On A Thanksgiving Like No Other, Privacy Policy / Do Not Sell My Personal Data. Free and open company data on New Zealand company BEGGI PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED (company number 7194895), Unit 8, 15 Trugood Drive, East Tamaki, Auckland, 2013 Now available: over 400m key company lifecycle events, from officer changes to gazette notices. The active ingredients are absorbed into the nasal skin cells, building a natural barrier while helping to soothe irritation. Moreover, researchers also added some special elements such as the unique Eucalyptus essential oil from Tasmania, Australia and quercus phillyraeoides-made carbon anion technology in the mask, which made the product capable of eliminating germ, nourish nose and repair users’ breathing system. “Small and smooth machine body design, and the equipment of intelligent LCD display, make this nose washer a combination of technology and fashion.” A senior industry insider commented, “its design of portable wireless charging, 30-day long endurance and other details is unique among the nasal washing products, and it will certainly lead to a new trend in the consumption of nasal washing products all over the world.”, Media ContactCompany Name: BEGGI PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITEDContact Person: TonyEmail: Send EmailCountry: New ZealandWebsite: https://beggi.co.nz/. beggi smart mask It also has skin care effect while cleansing the hands. The reporter learned that as soon as this kind of nasal washer was officially launched in the world, it has become one of the new products with the highest attention in the field of rhinitis due to its innovative advantages such as “black technology” and “high level of appearance”. For the shortcomings of the old-style electric hand-held nasal washers, which are simple and rough, and easy to damage the nasal mucosa, “smart whale” bring a gentle and comfortable massage to the nasal cavity with the softer and more stable intelligent pulse water discharge technology, which can effectively relieve the discomfort caused by the initial nasal washing and continuous irrigation, and make the water flow into the nasal cavity easily and comfortably, making a nourishing and rejuvenated deep spa for the nasal cavity. The reporter learned that BEGGI’s new nasal washer subverts the simple, direct, and rude nasal washing method of traditional nasal washers by using the core technology of smart pulse, and provides rhinitis patients with massage-like nasal washing enjoyment, with a brand new nose care concept of “maintenance first and washing later”, effectively eliminating the rhinitis problems. In terms of ingredients, the reporter learned that New Zealand Manuka disinfectant spray contains three precious ingredients such as New Zealand Manuka essential oil, Australian Eucalyptus essential oil, and Aloe vera, which have the effects of antibacterial, moisturizing, and purifying. This spray has super sterilization effects, can also disinfect the home to prevent bacterial infection. New Zealand BEGGI launches world’s first massage nasal washer, Pest Control Springfield Lakes – Efficient Removal of Irritating and Dangerous Pests from Properties. Recently, BEGGI, New Zealand’s leading brand for rhinitis that has become popular in China with the launch of the world’s first external application nasal cream, launched the latest development of the world’s first smart pulse hand-held nasal washer “smart whale”. Proudly powered by WordPress In the BEGGI disinfectant spray, high-tech purified manuka essential oil is added. Please enter the full ID code into the field to verify your BEGGI product. It is reported that one of the three nose-protective product giants, BEGGI pharmacy from New Zealand announced that it had invented the globally-first intelligent temperature-controlled breathing mask following famous gauze mask brands like 3M of America and Pitta from Japan. The reporter learned that Eucalyptus essential oil is widely used in products that fight against pathogens and different forms of infection. These products are not suitable for people with respiratory diseases and sensitive skin as well as young children, and accidental ingestion can also lead to poisoning. Everything you need to know about the market - quick & easy. The smart temp-controlled system is able to continuously release hot steam, acts like a constant water sprayer, keeping users’ skin even more moisturized; third, the mask is uniquely-tailored into a 4D effect which can lift the skin upwards, making our face become thinner; fourth, this brand-new product is absolutely comparable with other international brands in terms of the feature of blocking out dust. It’s easy to get infected if you’re not careful. New medical-grade material polypropylene which is consistent with European food-grade contact standard were employed in this breathing mask, so it not only makes the mask safer for users to wear, but also can effectively protect wearers’ skin from external irritations like dust, pollen, second-hand cigarette, dry and cold air and ultraviolet rays. Anti-fatigue Cosmetics Market Size Worth $18.9 Million By 2025 | Grand View Research, Inc. Liquefied Natural Gas Market Register Healthy CAGR Of 5.8% From 2020 To 2027 | Petronet LNG Limited, Royal Dutch Shell Etc. In the meantime, “smart whale” nasal washer also integrates the big data of tens of millions of rhinitis patients, analyzes the big data investigation results of rhinitis patients by AI intelligent chip, so as to control the frequency band of the motor more accurately and effectively, and give the most effective help to different types of rhinitis patients. It is reported that the R & D team and design team of New Zealand’s leading brand for rhinitis BEGGI have successfully launched the world’s first smart pulse nasal washer “smart whale” after years of efforts recently. Subscribe to our mailing list and get updates weekly. However, the bulky hand feel, inconvenient use and slightly uncomfortable nose washing experience are the stereotypes of many consumers for nasal washers. Create one. It can also be used to disinfect seats, tables and public toilets on high-speed trains and airplanes when traveling. New Zealand’s health industry giant BEGGI pharmaceuticals invented the world’s first moderate disinfectant spray. Contact us for more information or advice about our products, please fill up the form below. Three major national treasure-class ingredients can kill germs effectively, Effects of antibacterial, moisturizing and purifying can be combined in this product, opening a new era of sterilization. Theme: Newsup by Themeansar. As a New Zealand big health industry giant brand, the BEGGI pharmaceutical team has been working on this historic challenge for three years, and finally overcome this historic problem after continuous researches and developments. The reporter learned that smart pulse technology is the biggest highlight of this nasal washer. In addition to the smart pulse black technology, the high level of appearance of BEGGI “smart whale” nasal washer is also a bright spot that attracts consumers’ attention and praise. Winter is the exact time when people will frequently use breathing mask, and BEGGI adopted the latest temp-controlled techs which can keep the mask at a constant 38 degree. Are you afraid when the colds and flu take place frequently every season? If you have any questions feel free to call us at 1-877-440-ZING or email us at vipaccounts@benzinga.com. Washing noses with nasal washing water can not only clean the nasal cavity comprehensively, but also effectively eliminate inflammation and sterilization, which has become the most common way to prevent and improve rhinitis. Unlike the common disinfectant products on the market, BEGGI disinfectant spray can also be applied directly to the skin, thanks to another ingredient, aloe vera extract, which has a good softening, moisturizing and whitening effects because of containing polysaccharides and multivitamins for human skin. Anti-fatigue Cosmetics Market Size Worth $18.9 Million By 2025 | Grand View Research, Inc. 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