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best microphone for iphone

Instead, consider taking Apple's Lightning EarPods for a spin - you've probably got a pair lying around, or hidden in the back of a drawer. The Apogee Plus is one of the best iOS microphones if you plan on being stationary for your intended application. The body is made from aluminum which gives it a sturdy look whilst also keeping it lightweight. The mic has built-in A/D conversion for lighting and 30-pin connectivity. It’s an alternative to hands free mics since it’ll be conveniently near your mouth on a shirt. They really sound like they could have come from a mic costing far more. All of this combines to capture impressive, rounded audio whether you're dealing with quiet spoken word or amplified musical performance. This is one of those products that will surprise you and perform a lot better than the price tag suggests it might. The Rode smartLav+ is actually a super useful microphone. If so, you’re in the prime position to get an external mic. Additionally, you get a Rode app that gives you some editing and setup options for use. It rotates, comes with presets, and plugs into your iPhone’s lightning port to make it as easy to use as possible. You'll be amazed how even the slightest bit of breeze can affect a video, and surprised at how much a decent windbreak can help. Not that the quality of audio of the stock mic isn’t unlistenable, as we’ve all been able to successfully communicate with iPhones since they came out; however, we feel that even though the megapixels and video quality have been improved numerous times with all phone and tablet upgrades, the audio quality has just…stayed the same. This is a Lavalier lapel mic design and is a very basic mic, it works quite well and operates through a 3.5mm jack socket but can be used with a Lightning cable if you use the adapter. A typical Shure quality product is, therefore, our choice for one of the Best External Microphones For iPhone… However, the EarPods provide a great place for any budding podcaster or videographer to start. This one is particularly great for band practices or concerts because it can handle a high sound pressure level (SPL — up to 125dB). Founded in Tokyo in 1983, Zoom has quickly established itself with a world-class reputation in sound and recording. It is compatible with most iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices. There really aren’t any complaints or downsides to these things. When it comes to sitting down and putting together a new podcast, or even recording some music at home or in the studio, IK's iRig Mic Studio has you covered. You will get access to two apps for editing audio and as a separate app, video. It’s a bit cheaper than the Rode models, so going with this will also save you a few bucks. IK's iRig Mic Studio has a headphone port and a multicolour LED indicator, too, which provides visual feedback on the audio you're capturing. With the Zoom iQ6, it’s one of their better models in the market, coming with lightning connectivity, small enough to fit in your pocket, a MIC GAIN wheel to adjust the volume, and some LED lights to let you know if you’re recording or not. Because of the length of the cable, it opens up further use possibilities. We have Zoom’s higher-up model here as a candidate for the best iOS smart device microphone and for good reason. Just plug it into your device or computer and away you go. If you are looking for a minimalistic Bluetooth gaming headset for your iPhone, without the gamer aesthetic bells and whistles, the Logitech H800 is the best choice for you. Granted, the sound quality might not be the highest standard, but for the price, Apple's EarPods do a decent job of capturing audio for videos recorded in the default Camera app. This means you haven’t got to carry around any heavy awkward equipment to get a great sound. For any external noise, it also has a wind muff as standard. But it will also work for interviews for podcasts or videos. It just isn’t as ‘small’ or ‘portable’ as some of the other models in here, but if you were concerned with quality, you’re going to have to sacrifice something. There is a very prominent numbered wheel on the front which is the gain control. Best iPhone Microphones in 2020: Our Picks 1. You can choose your own frequency also. Time and time again, users find that their iPhone's mic simply isn't up to scratch and they're left searching for a third-party alternative. However, if you are considering this mic, it might be a good idea to check its compatibility with your device. Where shall we start? It also has a line-out/headphone jack socket. Access to a Zoom iPhone app is a big plus that will let you record .wav or .aac files. It’s a very good mic as you would expect from Shure. For interviews for podcasts or videos, it will do a reasonable job. About Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Contact Us. It is suitable for a wide variety of recordings and outside broadcasts are all handled with ease. Do you need a wireless mic to record on your iPhone? This mic from Comica is designed to look more like a telescopic sight on a rocket launcher than a mic. They also have their own recording app. This is a desktop-style mic with an electret condenser, has a cardioid pattern, and a fairly standard frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz. It is well-built with some nice features. It also has an impressive SPL of 120dB which means it will be able to record some loud sounds. This means it will collect sound at equal levels from all directions of the mic during recording. And there is a headphone jack with volume control that makes it suitable for monitoring the sound in live situations. The mic comes with 5 preset modes such as speech, singing, flat, loud and acoustic instrument and moreover, … And with an SPL of 120dB, it will handle live concerts as well. It's much easier to have a dial on the mic itself, in case those levels become skewed. Export configuration: As the audio file sizes begin to gather, you may desire alternately wish to get it to the iPhone. This will give you an extra seven feet to work with. Lapel microphones clip on to your collar, allowing you to capture clearer, crisper audio.

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