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cordoba tenor ukulele review

Solid wood will create a much more resonate, deep tone because it will vibrate more freely, and may improve with age. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to I bought it to use with low G mainly, but after some time decided to switch to high-G. Not that I didn’t like low G setup for it – was truly great, just wanted to try how it sounds with different strings. Like a guitar with a capo at the 5th fret. As well as, the beginner will get some vital answer to their most searched questions. I’ve got 35T-CE, and I am quite happy owner. Geared tuners are more thorough in terms of holding the string in place, and allowing for fewer instances of slipping. Why? Got A Ukulele looks at the Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele Got A Ukulele looks at the Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele ... After my short break the ukulele reviews are back, this week with a well known brand. However, it is much more low maintenance and will last for a longer time. We would recommend at least a week of playing. Because this instrument has a larger body and a longer scale, it sounds more mellow, with better sustain. The finish gives it a nice classical touch, and the sound is brighter than a traditional ukulele, which allows the playing of the melody to stand out. The Gretsch T9120 Tenor Ukulele is a mahogany laminate uke, pre-strung with Aquila Nygluck strings and weighing in at about 3.6lbs. I tested these with the goal in mind of finding the the following sound: “LUSH, DEEP, RESONANT, FULL, WARM with cushy velvety lows and mids yet CLEAR”. that way when we arrive here to look for answers and knowledge, we go STRAIGHT to the top navigation menu and click on STRINGS only without digging in another page. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. To me, I love the more natural sounding pickups compared to the ones that you can definitely tell has that “EQ” feel and sound where it picks up every hand movement sound and way too electric. The frets and edges may be a bit sharp, depending on personal sensitivity. : ), Strings I’ve tried on the Cordoba 32t-ce: (All strings tested with LOW G), D’addario Carbon – clear, loud, very bright, GHS Sara Maisel – Rounder tone, Lush, clear, great, strings are fatter, shorter sustain. In the video below Zach introduces this new line and shows us the three Mini models. It is setup by the manufacturer, and pre-strung with Aquila Nylgut strings (the best in the market,) providing great projection and tone. So, if you have smaller hands or a smaller range in finger dexterity, this instrument could be a better fit for you. Like…a few weeks worth of browsing. Cordoba hit a home run with this 30 series line with many high-end features in a great package. An added bonus is that a guitar capo will fit this ukulele, so there is no need to buy a special one. It’s quite durable and accurate, and once it’s been played frequently it becomes more comfortable and therefore more enjoyable. Hope this is helpful to everyone. Pepe Romero UT1 – too Bright and powerful for this canon of a uke. As a novice player I really appreciate the tutorials and of course just listening to the beautiful demonstrations on the various Ukuleles. Nonetheless, it seems to be a wonderful gift for children who are interested in plucking away, albeit not well crafted enough for anyone who is truly interested in learning the ukulele or continuing with their studies of it. Jump To The Right Content. Cordoba 15TM Tenor Ukulele. From this review, they will get some good ideas for their future ukulele. The 35TS-CE tenor uke features all solid acacia for back and sides which give it a clear, bright tone, and distinctive figured appearance. Has the best feel due to the very smooth clear higher grade nylon. *Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates. Since that time, it’s still there – sound is bright and amazing. The best string set for each uke is an ongoing quest for many players. With its rich, mellow sound, geared tuners, moderately spaced fretboard and sustained intonations, this model is highly recommended for both beginners and intermediate players alike. Lush, Clear and the word i used when i reviewed it was…exquisite. It is more easily manageable and comfortable to play. This provides it with a very elegant look. It’s a good choice if you want an instrument that looks sharp and gives off a full, loud, and crisp sound. For that reason, it is perfect for beginners, especially children, interested in learning the ukulele. I have a number of resources comparing and talking about strings. It is pre-strung with Premium Aquila strings. I think this would have been better achieved with the Mahogany instead of Spruce. Just a thought. The nuts and the fret ends may be a bit sharp. The material of the ukulele will have a definitive impact on the tone. At first glance it’s almost information overload in a good way…hey we can never get too much UKE! In fact, i have only praises for this line of Cordobas and this uke, so i want to keep this a positive comment to help everyone. Keep in mind, strings are SO subjective and personal, that this only represents my personal opinion. Required fields are marked *. They are considered easier to tune than their peg counterparts and are generally easier to get an exact sound. The action (height of the strings from the fretboard) is a little high. The craftmanship is superb, the wider neck is great for fingerstylists, the cutaway is just uber cool and functions well, and…the included L.R Baggs 5-0 pickup is one of the best I’ve heard. The tenor ukulele is known for its deeper tone and an increase in number of frets in comparison with the smaller members of its family (15 to 25 frets for a tenor.). Thanks again for putting together this wonderful site and I look forward to visiting. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. It has that percussive attack (flamenco style) or sweet sustaining richness depending on your technique. Providing that full-bodied, traditional island sound and the iconic look to boot, the Hola! However, this is not considered the traditional ukulele sound. The best feature of it? We’ve been needing something like this for a long time and I can’t wait to spread the word and show my uke friends how immensely helpful all this is. This series was done with guidance from renown guitar and ukulele maker, Pepe Romero Jr. Their all solid wood instruments and while not “cheap”, are still quite a good bang for your buck. what a tremendous awesome resource this is for our community! Keep the size in mind when looking for what will personally be more enjoyable for you to play. This article will help you choose the very best Cordoba Ukulele to efficiently and effectively meet your demands and needs. Other features include a black TUSQ® nut and saddle, chrome Grover tuners, and a Cordoba polyfoam case. So, it may take some time and adjustment before the tuning stays consistent. However, the setup may not be quite personable, and some individual modifications may need to be made before you can really go to town with this instrument. Use quality headphones or monitors for most accurate sound. The peg tuner is the traditional tuner for the ukulele and allows for a more traditional intonation. Also, the action might be a little high right out of the box and may need to be lowered, because if not there is a definite buzzing sound when the plastic rings around the tuners vibrate. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Tension is high though and the A string is quite shrill. People seem generally pleased with the excellent tuner and the CD that come along with this purchase to help them begin to play. The tenor ukulele provides a distinct range of sound when compared with the Soprano, Concert, and Baritone ukuleles respectively. Here’s a video that introduces this new line. It’s a material designed to improve intonation and tuning accuracy. The trained ear might perceive a more “manufactured” intonation with laminate instruments. I’ll work on making that section soon. This means that the saddle is not squarely seated, and off by about an eighth of an inch. Oh I got so caught up with how amazing the whole new site was that I forgot to actually make an appropriate comment about Cordoba Ukuleles on this page and my specific 32t-ce Spruce / Rosewood tenor. On occasion, it has been pointed out that there is a noticeable angle change of the fretboard where the neck joint is. There’s nothing like a fretboard that plays smooth as butter with great intonation all the way up the neck. The key is that your instrument does not become a burden, but rather stays continuously enjoyable.

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