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debussy violin sonata program notes

The next sonata Debussy composed was for the unusual combination of flute, viola and harp, but sounding so natural for Debussy with its flute part reminiscent of the earlier “Afternoon of a Faun” solo, the colorful use of the harp and the deeper tone of the viola as the middle voice than either the violin or cello. PROGRAM N ♪TES. The first movement, “Allegretto,” starts with a simple modal melody stated first in the piano and then partially taken up by the violin a fifth higher. Poulenc: Sonata for Violin and Piano Debussy: Sonata in G Minor for Violin and Piano Saint-Saëns: Sonata No.1 in D minor for Violin and Piano, Op. 75 Robert McDonald, piano ” Rarely has a recording of Midori’s seduced us this much … In this recital of French sonatas it is the abundance of brilliance, panache and imaginativeness that beguile us from the outset. A pair of works, Tzigane and Beau Soir, complete a panorama that shows off the performers’ sensitivity and virtuosity. And soars to the heart bittersweet. Europe was plunged into the bleakness and devastation of the First World War, bringing food and coal shortages and economic hardship to Paris. Claude Debussy wrote his Sonata for Violin and Piano in the throes of a long, painful illness and in a country that had been ravaged by World War I. Paul Bourget The Finale opens with a reference to the first movement before propelling itself into a joyous gigue-like dance that evokes those extroverted romps of Debussy’s earlier years, such as Printemps. The two men had a complex relationship: cast by the public into opposing camps, this had an inevitable effect on what had been a close friendship, Ravel stating ”it’s probably better for us, after all, to be on frigid terms for illogical reasons.” Ironically,with its spare Debussy-like lines, the Duo proved a turning point in Ravel’s artistic development. Ravel began the Sonata for Violin and Piano No. University of Cincinnati2600 Clifton Ave.Cincinnati, OH 45221513-556-6000, University of Cincinnati | 2600 Clifton Ave. | Cincinnati, OH 45221 | ph: 513-556-6000, Alerts | Clery and HEOA Notice | Notice of Non-Discrimination | eAccessibility Concern | Privacy Statement | Copyright Information. <> %���� Intermède: fantasque et léger III. 2 in G Major, M. 77, in 1923 but did not complete it for another four years. Program Notes for the Master’s Recital of Cellist Kendra Grittani ... were for flute, viola, harp and solo violin. This influence is even more prominent in the second movement, “Blues,” which features an improvisational character, ostinatos, syncopated rhythms, and suggestive glissandi. PLAYLIST. In January 1924, Ravel was overcome by depression. After its capricious introduction and mischievous first section, the more playful central movement (“Fantasque et léger”) displays clear Spanish influences. Violin Sonata Alt ernative. English Translation © Peter Garner (Christensen), Described in La Presse as being “Clearly. And a ripple runs warm over fields of wheat, You may have ended up here by one of the following reasons: Use the search tool (the magnifying glass icon) to locate the page you are trying to access. Architect LeCorbusier wanted to demolish entire “airless” precincts of downtown Paris and replace them with white towers. Most of us spend a lifetime learning that.” The quietly grave chords of the introduction set the stage for a highly compressed sonata-form movement that resolutely shuns any overt virtuoso display in favor of intimate expressiveness characterized by lamenting figures in the violin and restrained, mostly chordal, writing in the piano. The Sonata for Flute, Viola and Harp was part of a projected cycle of six sonatas planned at the end of Debussy’s life. Debussy Cello Sonata. Bach began work on his Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin around 1703 while in Weimar. 1 0 obj Box Office: Grove Street, between Van Ness and Franklin, Debussy: Sonata in G minor for Violin and Piano, It began as a grand plan for six sonatas “for various instruments,” with the final sonata featuring all of the instruments from the previous five. Absolutely. Debussy's Sonata for violin and piano, third in a projected series of six chamber sonatas, … Several glimpses of a more daring harmonic language reflect a jazz influence. F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby. DEBUSSY: STRING QUARTET IN G MINOR, OP. It was written in 1917 at a time when the composer suffered from terminal cancer. Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic making the world smaller as astronomer Edwin Hubble turned his telescope to the night sky, discovering other galaxies and changing our perception of the cosmos.

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