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eco styler gel bad ingredients

$4.99 Ecostyler Professional Styling Gel with Argan Oil is formulated with rare oils from the Argan tree in Morocco. Faced with the backlash and the hit to their coins no doubt, Ecoco, the company behind Eco Styler Gel quickly responded with a rebuttal on their Facebook page:-. W/ the eco blue, My hair wasn't hard or tangled, and I no longer comb or brush my hair. Ah well, someone w/ this issue has to speak up about this so they can know they aren't the only one.Beware, pen spring tight 4b/ 4c curly girls, be vigilant and as soon as you notice your hair thinning, drop the product, it only gets worse. A wk went by and I decided to do the twist out again with the ECO styler. I… Let me know if you would like me to write about healthier alternatives to Eco Styler gel, https://www.truthinaging.com/ingredients/tetrasodium-edta, https://www.truthinaging.com/ingredients/polysorbate-20, https://www.truthinaging.com/ingredients/sodium-hydroxymethylglycinate, https://www.annmariegianni.com/ingredient-watch-list-polysorbate-20-it-may-be-contaminated-with-carcinogenic-14-dioxane/, https://www.poison.news/2017-11-08-sodium-hydroxymethylglycinate-toxicity-side-effects-diseases-and-environmental-impacts.html, https://www.livestrong.com/article/370945-health-effects-of-yellow-5-food-coloring/, https://www.healthdiaries.com/eatthis/side-effects-of-yellow-5.html. Required fields are marked *. Enter the era of natural and supposed organic gels and the Eco styler brand turned out to … I go in the shower, and let the water detangle while I smooth sections of hair w/ my fingers, and it get perfectly detangled.So there's no logical reason to me what could be causing the breakage. This solidified what already knew from my results w/ layering and mixing the eco styler w/ oils and conditioners.When it came to function, The blue eco was alright-- gave shine, definition, and it also gave me more Hair Loss. As much as we love our skincare, haircare and other beauty products, the key to looking and feeling our best doesn’t start in the drug, We are all aware of the many health benefits Biotin and Keratin have for our bodies. See the deal. The formula conditions and revitalizes the hair while adding a brilliant shine. Made with 100% Argan Oil Contains UV protection For all hair types Maximum hold Eco Styler Moroccan Argan Oil Styling Gel is formulated with rare oils extracted from kernels of the Argan tree in Morocco. Some people feel that the panic is a bit over the top and the only way to avoid chemicals is to stop breathing altogether. Extremely frustrating as you, Want to try a hair mask that will make your hair feel like it has been given a boost AND smells delightful? In the trash it goes!!!! Intrigued, I went searching for more information and discovered an ongoing Eco styler gel controversy. I like that it does not flake and you don't have to use a whole for a shiny outcome. However, Tetrasodium EDTA is also known to be a penetration enhancer. I don’t know about you but the labels on most products are so confusing to me and I have no idea what the stuff listed really is beside the obvious water, alcohol etc. So I’ve set out to find out the truth and thank God I did! I'm not playing lab rat for $5 anymore. This is a great product, highly moisturizing. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. According to natural beauty vlogger, AlopeciaFreeWithJass, Eco Styler Gel contained an agent that is known to cause cancer. Additionally, when mixed with certain ingredients, triethanolamine can form cancer-causing agents. Traditionally, however, gels contain alcohols and other ingredients that dry out natural hair and can lead to breakage and split ends. Traditionally, however, gels contain alcohols and other dying ingredients that can lead to breakage and split ends. It didn't occur to me right away that it was the gel. A great hair gel lays down your edges and gives your style a polished and sleek final look. Many naturals pursue laid edges like Tom has pursued Jerry for centuries. (Cosmetic Ingredient Review, n.d.). Looks like the ingredients will also help relieve scalp issues like dandruff, psoriasis, dryness, and itchiness. The ingredients seem OK, except for the one labelled simply as "fragrance" I plugged all of the ingredients into the EWG.org website and that is the only one that seems hazardous. I bought two of these to give to my friend's that have short hair. Hopefully I can grow my curls back.I'm not sure what it is about this gel; it's supposed to be all natural, so I don't know what the problem is. The best gel for natural hair is the one you make in your own kitchen where you can monitor the ingredients going into it. To see a list of items and their exposure click the link Product List, According to EWG, (TetraSodium EDTA, n.d.)There is no direct link to cancer nor does it present as a carcinogen. Keep in mind, coming into contact with a tiny percentage of an ingredient as part of a product is very different from standing next to large vats of the ingredient in pure form and inhaling it.

Home Sweet Home By Ken Saro Wiwa Questions, Cute Rhyming Words, 2009 Ford Fusion Owners Manual, Rolex Daytona 116520, Boss Ds-1 Fuzz, Brut Rose Nutrition Facts, Lake Kegonsa Weather, Advantages And Disadvantages Of Secondary Data, Light Nightclub Bottle Service,

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