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eltharion end times

Artwork for Eltharion the Blind, sparring with Belannaer. Eltharion's early rule was split equally between scouring greenskins from the land, and overseeing repairs to Yvresse's network of waystones. There at home in his beloved city, Eltharion the Grim waited in the tallest tower of the only large settlement in his cursed region waiting for one final WAAAGH to break itself upon his knee. It isn't a wise move however since he wasn't built to be tanky and he'll lose health quickly in a long fight, and has to rely on his magic spell "Apotheosis" to heal himself. Seizing his chance, Eltharion attacked and took the Shaman's head off with a single stroke of his blade. He was elected Warden of Tor Yvresse in recognition of his feats but from then on the haunted hero known as Eltharion the Grim [2b], Later Eltharion fought in the defence of Anlec, though he was defeated and captured by the Witch King, who tortured and eventually blinded the noble elf. His strategy was disrupting the messages of the Dark Elves by using his light cavalry and rangers to nail any dispatches for aid that were sent which ensured every attack was against an unsuspecting foe, as well as utilizing infiltration methods to weaken the defenses of the Dark Elves. Knowledge of this had somehow spread throughout their race, and according to a Warboss he had captured almost every greenskin in the world now believed "Pointy-'eads give a proper fight." Eltharion did not stop to savour the victory but instead went with four of his bravest warriors to the Warden's Tower. Over the years, Eltharion has remained a questionable option to put on the tabletop. He awoke fully healed from his wounds, and got his army to immediately rush home to Ulthuan. Before the first Eagle ship had reached the docks, Eltharion took to the back of his mighty Griffon Stormwing and soared high above Tor Yvresse. His Blind version simply blended Nagarythe tactics with Saphery ones, relying on Shadow Warriors and Swordmasters with high magic and the typical Elf core to deal megafuck damage fast. There, he found that the Goblin named Grom the Paunch of the Misty Mountain had sent his shamans into the tallest tower in Tor Yvresse for unknown reasons. This would be a good "Take up my sword" scene, but both of them worfed were unceremoniously murdered by Malekith and his right-hand minion Kouran during the Elven civil war only two books later because both of them disliked the idea of a Druchii being Phoenix King. While back in the early editions High Elves looked down on Dark Elves as brutish and vile cousins, Eltharion was one of the few to actually HATE them and dream of genocide against their race. It comes from the wars which engulf the world, the rot which infects its people, and the dark presence of a being coming in from the far south. At some point Eltharion miraculously regained his sight, no longer blind and now even deadlier than before thanks to the Swordmaster's teachings. The following morning not even the sunrise nor the cheering crowds of the victorious High Elves could force a smile from him. He bade them return to their ships. Not only that, he ignores ALL modifiers when making saving rolls, and halves ALL damage. The magical energies they normally contained were wracking the land and the Phoenix King's armies were too far away to act. Arkhan grabbed Eltharion's wrist and used his Curse of Years spell to Thanos-Snap Eltarion. Although his early campaign can be a bit hard it is important to note that the Miststalker units he gets are fucking OP and can change the tide of most Battles. Eltharion starts all the way over in the fucking Badlands meaning that as soon as you start the Campaign it's a clusterfuck and your forces are split up. ), 6 Attacks overall, and -3 to saving rolls with one of them, D3 damage each. He made a full recovery however (as this was the older lore where the Dark Elves didn't do REALLY cruel shit like make flags out of the skin of one of their own, tied to the flagstaff itself to scream in harmony with their cavalry bugles), perhaps aided by healing magic, and became a badass swordsman.

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