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famous ship names

I politely shaked hands with them and 1 of them even gave me his business card which I still have today. Famous Sheep Names. More unreasearched internet Top 10 List non-sense… This is both a superficial and a rather anglo-centric sort of list likely written by an American. Hancock, Claire. With school-aged children everywhere being taught these three names, these ships have had a good head start on the others in the “fame” department. This 5-year-long voyage made Darwin and the Beagle famous, and to this day, conservative fundamentalist Christians still debate the merits of Darwin’s theories regarding the evolution of species of plants and animals. In 1960, a major motion picture called Sink the Bismarck was made, and a hit song by Johnny Horton, “Sink the Bismark,” was also released, with the name of the ship misspelled! Name of the Ship: Nina She is commonly referred to as “Old Ironsides” after the Oliver Wendell Holmes poem by that name commemorated the cannon balls that bounced off her stout sides in 1812. Will you be the first? Movie Review of the Absurd, Table of Contents: A History of the World, Advance Screenings and Movie Reviews Archive. It was made by the dwarves and could be folded to fit one pocket. USS Monitor. The “unlucky shot”—a one-in-million hole in one—killed 1,177 men out of her crew of 1,400—including her captain and an admiral—and left her a blazing wreck that was to burn for days.*. During that time she fought in two conflicts: the First Barbary War—when she battled real pirates—and the War of 1812, during which she distinguished herself by defeating the British frigates HMS Guerriere and HMS Java. Borat is Back! hms dreadnaught?? I would have definitely put in the Mayflower in over the Santa Maria. Because according to the texts, the builders of the ships cut the nail of the dead to make the ship. Biographics – History, One Life at a Time. Articles are mostly written by either Dr. Zar or his dad (Major Dan). The interesting thing about the Confederate ironclad was that it was built upon the refloated hull of the Union frigate Merrimack (hence the confusion regarding her name), which had been scuttled when Norfolk fell into the hands of the South in April of 1861. Her 1862 battle with the CSS Virginia (the former USS Merrimac) at Hampton Roads is regarded as a milestone in naval warfare, the first battle of ironclad warships. 8. Too badly damaged to be salvageable (she was one of only three ships sunk during the attack that was never repaired) the ship remains there to this day as a war memorial, where she is visited by literally millions of people every year. Few ships illicit the sort of emotion among American veterans as does the name Arizona. Potemkin. Today, her name has become synonymous with the term “battleship.”  The Dreadnaught is also notable also as the first capital ship powered by a steam turbine engine instead of a reciprocating steam engine. Arizona. She was one of the largest and most powerful battleships ever created. The 1906 introduction of the HMS Dreadnaught heralded a new age in warships. Well, it has been documented that the sinking of the USS Indianapolis was the greatest disaster in the history of the US NAVY. Some ships become famous not for what they did, but for what they represented. Now to some of you that have it in for the U.S. please stop. That sounds typical of the sinking of a war ship. Two others come to mind. 1,517 lives were lost. Naglfar: The “nail-ship”. Great britian, spain, france, portugul and china dont forget have ruled the waves long before america even existed… In this case, the battleship Maine (a tiny thing compared to the later behemoths that were to carry the title of battleship) became a rallying point for a nation intent on war. Easily the most famous ship in history, this luxury liner was designed to showcase mankind’s technological brilliance but instead only illustrated his hubris. Damaged herself a day later by British aerial torpedoes, the wounded battleship made a run for the French coast for repairs, only to be chased down by a pair of British battleships, the Rodney and King George V, whose combined firepower finally managed to send Hitler’s proud but battered warship to the bottom—along with all but 200 of her 2,200-man crew—after a two-hour barrage. Don’t get me wrong, I would have figured the Yamato there as well, even though the only engagements were shore bombardment, task force protection and last ditch effort from Tojo. -Mary Celeste, not as historically significant as others on the list, but probably the most famous ghost ship ever. As a Canadian, I would like to make a very valid point of interest, the largest country in the world (area wise) is Russia, then Canada, then the United States of America. The appearance of this state-of-the-art battleship in 1906 rendered all major warships, of all navies (including the Royal Navy) , obsolescent – if not obsolete. All of them, however, survive the centuries and are noted here. 6. 1. there was a lot of battle ships. May 28, 1934: Dionne Quints Born in Ontario, First Surviving Quintuplets! Subcategories. No single ship serves as a better symbol for the power that was the Royal Navy during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century than does Lord Nelson’s venerable and, indeed, almost legendary, flagship. This applies to U.S. works where the copyright has expired, often because its first publication occurred prior to January 1, 1925, and if not then due to lack of notice or renewal. Still afloat after 213 years, she had an usually long service life, having remained in commission on and off between 1797 all the way to the Civil War, after which she was made a training ship and continued sailing periodically right up to her final decommissioning in 1881. A good list. ;), “… (Note: The wreck of the Monitor was located off Cape Hatteras, Virginia…”, That’s Cape Hatteras NORTH CAROLINA. Known as “Old Ironsides” due to her sturdy construction, the oldest still intact ship in America serves as a museum in Boston, Massachusetts. A Spanish treasure ship that sank in 1622 in a hurricane off the Florida Keys, the Atocha was heavily laden with treasures from the New World and was headed back to Spain when she sank. She can still get underway, however, which she proves once a year when she is towed into to Boston Harbor for her “turnaround cruise” designed to ensure she weathers evenly on both sides. Insight Editions, 2012. I discount behemoths like the Yamato and Bizmarck, the use of so much resources for so little gain. When the movie “Jaws” was filmed and the scene where Quint the fisherman (Robert Shaw) explains the story (an eerie one at that) about that catastrophe, Steven Spiellberg had to gain permission from the War department to use the monologue. The “largest” of the three, the Santa Maria, was a mere 62 feet long at the hull and only 18 feet wide. Baxter, Leon. Considering the Germans played a massive role in WWII and euro history, not even one mention is illogical in my opinion. Enterprise..arguably the most decorated and distinguished aircraft carrier in the world? In academic circles, it is famous mainly for the conspiracy – i.e., that the Spanish crown did not really sink it, that those in power in the U.S. knew this, and yet opted to use it as a pretext for war (and therein an opportunity to grab the Philippines and access to an exploding trade market in China) anyway. Kon-Tiki is famous enough, but a raft and the Arc of Noah (or Utnapishtim as his name was in the epic Sumerian tale of Gilgamesh) has transcended completely into myth. Liked it? Even then the venerable ship had a story to tell, for it appeared that despite the heavy damage it endured during its final battle, it was still largely intact, suggesting that she had been scuttled rather than sunk by the British after all, giving her, even in death, the last laugh. Here’s a list of five of the most extraordinary sheep who ever lived. Name of the Ship: Fram. Most youth, even American these days, know little-to-nothing about the Spanish American war. Interestingly, she is moored just a few hundred yards from the wreck of the Battleship Arizona (see no.

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