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general motors revenue 2020

Despite having drastically worse cash flow and overall vehicle production numbers than General Motors, Tesla’s stock price reflects expectations for future cash flows that are drastically higher than the expectations in GM. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. Photographer: Xabier Mikel Laburu/Bloomberg, EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change, Michigan Economic Development Corporation BrandVoice, a strong correlation between improving ROIC and increasing shareholder value, See the math behind this reverse DCF scenario, See the math behind Tesla’s reverse DCF scenario, NOPAT margins fall to 2.5% (all-time low in 2012, compared to 5.0% in 2019) in 2020 and improve to 4.4% (equal to TTM margins) in each year thereafter, Revenue falls 28% in 2020 [in line with the 2020 sales decline in the first year of, Sales grow again in at 3.5% per year from 2025 and each year thereafter, which is the average global GDP growth rate since 1961, NOPAT margins fall to 2.5% (all-time low in 2012, compared to 5.0% in 2019) in 2020 and rise to 4.3% (vs. 4.4% TTM and below all-time average of 4.9%) each year thereafter, Revenue falls 22% in 2020 and grows 18% in 2021, 3% in 2022, 4% in 2023, and 3% in 2024 (in line with BCG’s Most Likely II 2020-2025 sales scenario for China, Europe, and U.S.A.), In 2025 and each year thereafter, I assume revenue grows at 2% per year (equal to BCG’s Most Likely II scenario estimate for 2025 and below the average global GDP growth rate since 1961of 3.5%), Strong balance sheet to survive the economic dip, Ability to scale its investments in driverless and EV technologies across its vast distribution capabilities, Growing market share of truck, crossover, and Cadillac brands, General Motors’ technological preparedness, Valuation implies automobile industry never recovers, First Trust NASDAQ Transportation ETF (FTXR) – 7.8% allocation and attractive rating, Absolute Shares Trust WBI Power Factor High Dividend ETF (WBIY) – 4.8% allocation and attractive rating, Transamerica Large Cap Value (TWQIX) – 4.4% allocation and very attractive rating, Kempner Multi Cap Deep Value Fund (FAKDX) – 3.6% allocation and attractive rating, Invesco Comstock Select Fund (OGRIX) – 3.5% allocation and very attractive rating, Hotchkis & Wiley Large Cap Value Fund (HWLCX) – 3.0% allocation and attractive rating. In such a scenario, the firm could operate for over 16 months with its available liquidity before needing additional capital. Below, I use my reverse DCF model to quantify the cash flow expectations baked into General Motors’ current stock price. Stock quotes by finanzen.net. The stock remains undervalued and, given the COVID-driven price decline, offers significant upside. This facility is expected to produce a variety of pickups and SUVs with General Motors’ first all-electric pickup scheduled for production in late 2021. Figure 1: Core Earnings & Revenue Growth Since 2012. For reference, EVs are forecasted to match ICE vehicles for cost parity when battery pack cost reach $80 to $100/kWh. I first made General Motors a Long Idea in March 2018. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. However, the firm has the second highest NOPAT margin among its peers. General Motors has manufacturing, assembly, distribution, office, or warehousing operations in 32 countries. General Motors’ profitability was superior to most competitors before the crisis, and the firm is well-positioned to return to profit growth when the economy recovers. This expectation seems overly pessimistic. While revenues met forecasts, profit nearly doubled Wall Street's projections. General Motors revenue for the quarter ending September 30, 2020 was $35.480B , a 0.02% increase year-over-year. One of the largest adjustments was $28.2 billion in asset write-downs. Before suspending repurchases, General Motors repurchased $10.7 billion (30% of current market cap) over the past five years and is authorized to purchase up to ~$3.4 billion more. As of 2020, General Motors is ranked #18 on the Fortune 500 rankings of the largest United States corporations by total revenue. GM's optimistic quarterly report follows similarly rosy earnings from Ford and Fiat Chrysler in recent weeks. He was a 5-yr member of FASB's Investors Advisory Committee. Consultez les données financières de GENERAL MOTORS GM NYSE : compte de résultat, bilan, ratios financiers, CA annuels et trimestriels des 5 dernières années, résultat net... sur Boursorama General Motors is home to Buick, Cadillac, GMC and Chevrolet. New Constructs provides unrivaled insights into the fundamentals and valuation of private & public businesses. Honda plans to develop two new EVs to be manufactured on General Motors’ EV platform. General Motors is already seeing results from its EV investments. General Motors increased its core earnings margin from 2% to 5% over the same time. The European Union's competition chief told a Flemish leader that German plans to provide loan guarantees to General Motors Co.'s Opel unit must respect EU rules that outlaw making aid conditional on protecting jobs. While General Motors focuses on the future, shorter-term results are sure to suffer. Historically, General Motors has also returned capital to its shareholders through share repurchases. I conservatively assume this capital will be used to cover operating expenses and do not treat it or any other cash as excess cash. See what HBS & MIT Sloan professors say in the paper: “…the NC dataset provides a novel opportunity to study the properties of non-operating items disclosed in 10-Ks, and to examine the extent to which the market impounds their implications.” – page 19, “Trading strategies that exploit cross-sectional differences in firms’ transitory earnings produce abnormal returns of 7-to-10% per year.” – page 1.

Unlimited Edition Charizard, Agricultural Microbiology Syllabus, Calories In Kodiak Waffles, Handyman Club Of America Wikipedia, Grixis Planeswalkers Edh,

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