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good catch in a sentence

"Good catch" is a phrase that you say when someone catches a mistake. 9. Martha was quick to catch on that something important had transpired. His catch included a 2lbs chub that was netted in the final 10 minutes. I used to catch crawdads in this creek with my friends when I was a kid. I've been thinking about rigging up something on the front to catch the webs. In 1903 the total catch there amounted to 10,748,986 lb, valued at $317,027. All good presentations start with a strong introduction. Thus, wasps catch flies; worker ants make raids and carry off weak insects of many kinds; bees gather nectar from flowers and transform it into honey within their stomachs - largely for the sake of feeding the larvae in the nest. Utilize your friends, family and co-workers. I got to catch a plane back up to Boston—tickets for the Symphony and stuff like that. It is important to ensure that the bracelet does not catch against delicate fabrics. Various devices have consequently been attached to leads intended to catch and hold the material when soft enough to be penetrated. Then you must catch him with two. ae ashet WI grooves in the china tae catch the gravy. He had to reach her before the demons did and swept her away, as they had Kiki. The silence began to oppress the princess and she tried to catch someone's eye. When she reached the top of the beach, she paused to catch her breath before hurrying after Jade, whose determined walk soon outdistanced her. Mary, on the other hand, was vocal about her opinion of Cade, even to the point of stating that he would be the greatest catch of the century - no doubt, even an exaggeration in Mary's mind. 4. The herring fleet possesses more than 600 boats and the annual catch averages nearly £200,000. The deep-sea fishery attracts hundreds of boats from the north of Scotland, and most of the catch is cured for the English, German and Dutch markets. Search good catch! A beautiful crystal bracelet, for instance, might look stunning however if it is going to catch on a silk dress and draw threads that may eventually form holes it is far from practical. I wonder if the game will ever catch on with young people? He chased after her, in time to catch a glimpse of yellow as she barged out the door toward the parking lot. However, there was a catch, and it eventually ensnared Dundee Hibs. As fast as Kris ran, he couldn't catch her. She waited another few seconds for a catch before letting herself believe him. "Take tomorrow and check out the details, like the life insurance and that stuff and catch up on your paper work," Anderson continued. Sam has to rescue Norman's trapped hand, help catch Wooly and extinguish a fire. You may want to put a bucket underneath to catch any stray drips. Once in a lifetime – Cliché, and typically untrue phrases like this don’t help your sales. Problems occur because these sticky patches can catch any debris in the blood which in turn makes the plaques bigger. If you catch flu or a serious cold, you need to keep warm and stay in bed. Dean wished he could follow the lead of the pensioners and catch a nap. Darkyn's tongue flickered out to catch the drop of blood from the corner of his mouth. But if they did catch me they'd string me up to an aspen tree, and with all your chivalry just the same. Two hours remained before the last of the day's celebrations— the Jeep flare parade down the mountain, followed by a massive fireworks display—so after finishing supper, the Deans began playing catch up with Bird Song's chores. Hannah remained ahead of him, though he realized he was beginning to gain on her. With a morbid fascination, people flocked to Kirkwall from outer areas to catch a glimpse of the devastation. Then in a somewhat awkward manner the little pup began hobbling toward the others, doing its best to catch up... . In a spectacular finish, Newton led the charge down the final straight, just failing to catch the breakaways. arrived at the airport at 14:00 in time to catch the slightly delayed flight back to Gatwick. If I were going to catch an arapaima on camera, it would have to be somewhere else. Grammar & Vocab. The catch and canning of salmon are particularly important. The catch she'd discounted as simple was going to damn them all. It didn't sound like the rumbling thunder he'd heard in the mortal world. Filmmakers such as James Cameron and George Lucas used to talk about putting off film projects to wait for the computer technology to catch up to their visions. At times, and not unfrequently, a troop may be heard, roaring in concert, one assuming the lead, and two, three or four more regularly taking up their parts, like persons singing a catch. ferruginous buzzards have relatively small feet, which limits the size of prey that they can catch. "Might I speak to you, Mrs. He pushed himself harder to catch her. I've been trying to catch you since you left the lounge. foisted on people by means of a ' catch ' or a gimmick. If the unthinkable were to happen, and a room of your home were to catch fire, ceiling tiles can help to contain the spread, rather than allowing the fire to continue its climb upward toward your roof. The catch of herring was twice as much in 1908 as in 1907 and that of whitefish nearly four times as much in 1908 as in 1907; this increase was attributed to the work of the state hatcheries. She ran faster to catch up to him and saw the small group at the bottom of the hill. Until the seventh day after she drowned herself, assuming Darkyn doesn't catch you first. The hook which he had thrown did not catch on the rocks, an My husband woke up, we had a chat then he went off to catch some catfish. The fleet numbers more than 700 boats, and the annual value of the catch exceeds X200,000. Take in the beautiful view of the harbor from the dining room, or select the catch of the day from their take-out fish market. In many new home developments I've seen storm water catch basins already installed in backyards. We didn't catch on until one of the new Naturals we just discovered was able to track them. She didn't miss Hannah's stunned look, as if it were a miracle her homely sister could catch the eye of anyone! The jockeying crowd made it difficult for five-foot Cynthia Dean to catch more than a glimpse of the activity as bodies rolled and washed across the pavement and errant streams drenched the crowd. Examples of Catch in a sentence. The way you tell it, it sounds nearly impossible for us to catch him if he learns everything we can and might do. Final days to save – This phrase is vague. Conant was not a separatist, and the Salem settlement was a commercial venture, partly agricultural and partly to provide a wintering place for Banks fishermen so that they might more quickly make their spring catch. I'll wait for Pierre to catch up, she said, joining Traci on the couch. From seafood to southern fare, you can find a great catch, steak or salad at the restaurants included below while getting a feel for the city. Finally, a branch wrapped around her and pulled her through the canopy, dumping her at the edge of the jungle. Not that it mattered, but she'd need five inch heels to catch the gaze of someone as sexy as Gabriel. Bumpus woofed for attention so Molly paraded him, allowing me to catch Betsy up with what was happening. He couldn.t catch his balance and steadied himself against a rock. They go along hoping to catch it but I think it's too crafty. Dean tried listening to the two conversations while responding to the one, all at the same time but only managed to catch Cynthia's carte blanc offer for Martha to stay, 'as long as necessary'. The winter moth (Cheimatobia brumata) must be kept in check by putting greasy bands round the trunks from October till December or January, to catch the wingless females that crawl up and deposit their eggs in the cracks and crevices in the bark. A family out fishing had the catch of the day, in the same general area where Billie had bobbed to light. They are unlikely to be carrying avian flu but they can suffer from other infections that people can catch. To put a plastic wheely bin under the ceiling to catch the water. Near Miss The National Safety Council/OSHA Alliance defines a near miss as "an unplanned event that did not result in injury, illness, or … Good business slogans usually do not come instantly. Laws catch flies and let hornets go free. A second pipeline is under development to catch failures, targeting internal exons of Vega genes. Shivering, she began to run again on the trail. conch shell horns to announce the arrival of the morning's catch. [Dragon] My name is Dave Cotterill. You may either catch a connecting flight to Edinburgh or use the rail link. There had to be a catch. "They can't get far with a smashed windshield," he said to Fred as he plopped down in a booth to catch his breath before the police arrived.

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