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jacob's andouille sausage

No preservatives, additives, or artificial flavors. This is present day St. John the Baptist and St. Charles parishes. Nolan Jacob, a relative of Bragger and former employee, opened his own store in Milesville with his son. Marriage documents for Christian Jacob and Marie Meel dated September 25, 1732 were found in Kirrwiller. The Andouille festival was started by the LaPlace Volunteer Fire Department as a fund raiser. Agatha was the daughter of Henry Bailey Ellis who owned a local newspaper. The Germans learned to speak French early on as the French were already settled here and well established. Damien Jacob, their son, was a rice farmer in Jacobtown. Nelson got his nickname, "Bragger", when hunting one day he killed many blackbirds of a large drove he came across. Bragger died in 1949 and Camile passed away in 1978. The Alexander Building, where the Jacob’s opened their store in 1928 is now abandoned with trees growing inside of it. Christian Jacob was a tailor from Schillersdorf, Germany. Camile’s mother was a Chalmet. The couple built a house in Milesville across the road from the Maderes. Milesville is one of several settlements, communities, and plantation properties that made up present day LaPlace, Louisiana. Jean Adam Jacob, one of Bragger’s ancestors, back in 1846 was proud of his accomplishments of being able to produce many different tasty sausages. He was then raised by the Madere family of Milesville. Nelson Jacob's family came to Louisiana from Germany with the second influx of German immigrants in the 1750's. The smoking techniques of Nelson Jacob made his andouille one of the favorites. Each family had its own recipes for making andouille as well as different techniques for smoking, all of which were highly guarded and rarely shared. Great taste and flavor. Diddy passed away in 1982. Damien died in 1906 when Nelson was only ten years old. One of which was the fine pork product – andouille. Andouille is French for "to introduce" as in the seasoned meat was introduced into the casing. Damien was killed in 1906. During World War I, Nelson was stationed in France where he met Camille Charnet. When asked why he just didn’t say he killed 1000 birds, he responded that he didn’t want to be called a liar for 1 bird. Agatha is thought to have moved back to Troy with her father after Damien’s death. For over 70 years, Wayne Jacob’s Smokehouse has provided the River Parishes, and now many across the country, with traditional smoked meats, such as Andouille, Sausage, Tasso, Cracklins, Hog Head Cheese, with a great restaurant serving all of these favorites. If you like smoked sausage get it from Wayne Jacob's it is delicious and packaged for easy for freezing or immediate use and the prices are fair. All smoked items that we offer for shipping are fully cooked and are shelf stable, vacuum sealed, and not refrigerated for up to 10 days from the date of smoke. We use only natural hog casing. According to local historians, the Jacobs were selling andouille and smoked sausage from a smokehouse in their yard in Milesville since 1925. She came to Louisiana from France as Nelson's bride. Henry, their youngest son, took the greatest interest and stayed working in the family business. I have NEVER purchased a product from Wayne Jacob's smokehouse that was not top shelf. With the opening of this store in 1928, the Jacobs became the first to make and sell andouille commercially. Since French was the language of the area, like many other things, including family names, the sausage was given a French name, andouille. St. John the Baptist Parish acquired a failing Andouille Festival, reorganized it, and now runs the festival successfully again. Christian was the son of Hans Micheal Jacob of Kirrwiller. Bragger’s brother, Ludger "Moon" Jacob, also opened a store years later in Milesville where he too sold andouille and smoked sausage. Warranty Information. It is fully cooked. Reserve is made up of several small settlements, communities, and plantation properties. LaBranch, Vicknair, Fabre. They had 3 children, Mary Ann, Martha, & Nelson. The Jacob children were growing up in the family business learning to make andouille, smoked sausage, and the other meat products being made by their father. It is smoked for hours with real wood smoke. Known for their smoked products, Jacob's Andouille offers products from andouille to sausage, and boudin to jerky, Family-owned for 5 generations, they continue to provide quality products and customer service. Posted by Claire Langley on 11th Aug 2020. Jacobtown is in present day Reserve, Louisiana. His wife, Camille, decided the couple should sell their popular andouille, and with her lead, they opened a small store in Milesville, one of several small communities which now make up LaPlace. Owned and operated by five… Nelson was then working as a pipefitter at Godchaux Sugar Refinery, while Camille and her mother were sewing hats and clothing for people. Specialties: Over 85 years and still smokin'! I do not like the Jacob's smoked sausage, casing is way too tough and you can't remove it. Aaron was born in 1966 and is married to Bridget Charlton. I'm a big favorite of Jacob's, not that it's miles better than Bailey's, just prefer it. Many are good but I still order the best from Wayne Jacob's. Bragger and Mam-Bragger had 4 children, Lilly, Lucger, Robert, & Henry "Diddy". Damien was Nelson "Bragger" Jacob’s father. Out of this store the Jacobs sold their homemade hats and clothing, sewing supplies, other essential goods, and of course Jacob's Andouille. I always peel the casing off of the andouille before using. He was known to understand the fine art of producing good sausage. Damien Jacob, Nelson's father, was a rice farmer in Jacobtown (a small community in part of what is now Reserve where several Jacob families settled) in the late 1800's. This is why some will argue that the Jacob family is from France. Andouille, a staple ingredient in South Louisiana cooking, is a well-seasoned, heavily smoked sausage that has been influenced by the many different people settling the La Cote des Allemands, or  the German Coast. Our Smoked Sausage is a finer grind than our Andouille. It is fully cooked. Another sausage maker in the Jacob lineage was Joseph Edward "Jake" Jacob. Mary Ann was born in 1943. For over 90 years, Jacob's Andouille has been serving customers both near and far! Once a tax was passed by the voters of St. John Parish to generate financial income for the Dept., they sold the festival to a private organization. Mary Ann was adamant in helping prepare some of the items sold in the store until she passed away. People as close as New Orleans and Baton Rouge had still never heard of it. In 1947 the Jacobs purchased the old Maurin's Home Staple Store building in LaPlace and moved their business into this location. Camile Charnet was born in 1900. Henry "Diddy" Jacob, Bragger’s youngest son, was born in 1922. Marie was the daughter of Hans Meel of Kirrwiller. Jacob’s Andouille was used in many winning pots over the years including "Squint" Laiche’s 1. Products in a vacuum sealed bag can be refrigerated up to 4 months, or frozen indefinitely. When asked how many blackbirds he killed, his response was he counted 999 birds lying on the ground. Out of this store the Jacobs sold their homemade hats and clothing, sewing supplies, other essential goods, and of course Jacob's Andouille. Nelson had three siblings – Ludger "Moon", Mongay, and Verna. They are from Germany. Shortly after Nelson and Camille Jacob, locally known as Bragger and Mam-Bragger, started selling andouille the couple opened N. Jacob's General Merchandise Store in the old Alexander building in Milesville. … He was married to Francis Cali. The tasso is excellent also. Holly, the eldest, is currently on the path to helping run the business as her father retires. Many German items took a French name. Because pork is the main ingredient in andouille, it was at the boucherie, or the butchering of the hogs each winter, that most all of the andouille was made. Christian Jacob and his brother Adam arrived in Southeast Louisiana on September 8, 1753 with their families aboard. When Bragger passed away in 1949, Mam-Bragger continued to operate the business with her son, Henry "Diddy" Jacob, who carried on the family tradition of making fine pork products and great andouille. The French changed even people’s surnames. Montz was named after the Montz family who owned the Ice Factory and packaging plant. Can't go wrong selecting these. The Maurin building where the Jacob’s Store was move to in 1947 was on Hwy 44 in Montz. Just because the seal is broken doesn't mean the item has spoiled, but for future freezing or refrigeration, the quality will be compromised. It is smoked for hours with real wood smoke. I live in Spring TX and have access to many producers sausage. Our Smoked Sausage is a finer grind than our Andouille. We use only natural hog casing. They have two beautiful daughters, Holly and Heather. She was married to the late Jude Lions.

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