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nature and concept of business

Production analysis frequently proceeds in physical terms while cost analysis proceeds in monetary terms. comes forward to resolve the conflict between labour and management, between industry and consumers. A fixed regular payment earned for their services typically paid on an…. A businessman should act as a friend and guide to the consumer. (iii) Creation of various insti­tutions like cooperatives for providing public util­ity services. Many firms maintain duplicate books of ac­count. The function of storing and preservation is per­formed by warehouses. in the plan­ning process. A study of economic costs, combined with the data drawn from the firm’s accounting records, can yield significant cost estimates which are useful for management decisions. Collectiv­ism treated the state, not as an evil but a desirable institution which was justified in interfering with the rights of the individual in the interest of the welfare of the society. And there­fore, a minimum profitability, adequate to the risks which by necessity, assume and create, is an abso­lute condition of survival not only for the enter­prise but for society. Because the person who bears risks and performs innovative and creative functions grows as a Big Entrepreneur day by day. It is Based on Principles, Not on Intuition. Business must not do anything which will conflict with the ideal of a welfare state. Pricing is a very important area of managerial economics. (iv) Adulteration is rampant, particularly in respect of food articles. A proper sales strategy around a product has to be devised. Each busi­ness firm has a target to achieve and for that pur­pose it has some resources at its disposal. The modern business or­ganisation carries its functions through the com­mittee and committee meeting. If knowledge about the future were perfect, profit analysis would have been a very easy task. Business includes trade, commerce and industry. Business began merely as an institution for the pur­pose of making money. In the capi­talist society the capitalist would do the managing. Some firms purchase finished goods from others for re-sale in the market. This is for you, A case study with an essay about Drunk Driving, उद्यमी पारिस्थितिकी तंत्र (Entrepreneurial ecosystem Hindi), 8 प्रभावी संचार के तत्व (Communication elements Hindi), 5 संचार के प्रकार (Communication types Hindi), 10 प्रभावी संचार के सिद्धांत (Communication principles Hindi), Departmental Accounting: Meaning, Objectives, Methods, and Advantages. The demand of public means nothing unless they have sufficient purchas­ing power in hands. The business enterprise aims to earn prof­its through serving the customer demand. Goods may be produced at one place and demand for them may be from a different place. These are adapting or modifying to enable the manager to make better decisions. Management is an essential function of all business organisations. Business is an economic proposition but an integral part of society. The term business comes from busyness or the state of being busy—any ac­tivity a man is busy about. in the economy through meas­ures such as direct support to particular industries, guidance and encouragement in the matter of tech­nological agreements and expert advice on desir­able prices. This will help in (i) enhancing mate­rial welfare of the society and (ii) raising the aver­age living standard of people. Trade unions should be accepted as an essential part of the apparatus of industrial administration. The business firm has to decide which particular method has to be adopted. Business cannot run without finance. The eco­nomic activity must be regular and continuous. The following legal measures have introduced in India for the regulation and control of business: 1. Social responsibility goes one step further. The rise of the communist regime in Russia was an important fact. 38. In the present context, entrepreneurship is not inborn quality but an acquired quality, because if someone desires to acquire this ability, he will have to participate in. It, therefore, becomes important that we understand the concept, nature and purpose of business. Commercial, office and household equip­ment including typewriters, air conditioners, refrig­erators etc. Thus it is quite obvious that good forecasting is essential to reduce the uncertainty of environment in which most of the managerial de­cisions are made. 15 Major Importance of Creativity in Entrepreneurship, 15 Key Features of Effective Management Control System, 37 Essential Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur (Must Know), 19 Role And Importance Of Managerial Economics (Step-by-Step), 18 Characteristics of an Entrepreneur (Explained), 20 Types of Entrepreneurship (Explained with Examples), development and survival of every business, 9 Methods of Measuring Employee Morale in Organization, 12 Key Factors that Affecting Employee Morale in Organization, 18 Ways to Build Up Employee Morale in Workplace, 11 Indicators of Low Morale in the Workplace, 9 Effective Manager Steps in Handling Employee Grievances, 22 Key Advantages and Disadvantages of Privatization, 12 Methods to Correct Disequilibrium in Balance of Payments (BOP) – Step-by-Step, 19 Essential Elements of Good and Effective Planning, 17 Major Problems of Public Sector in Economy, 10 Difference and Similarity between Innovation and Creativity, 18 Major Advantages and Disadvantages of Supermarkets, 10 Objectives of Entrepreneurial Development Programmes, 14 Principles of Planning in Management (With Examples), How to Become a Successful Salesman? Plagiarism Prevention 4. Thus, they combine the essentials of the normative and positive economic theory; the emphasis being more on the former than the latter. Second and third categories are of increasing importance and are tied up with the regular eco­nomic operations of business. In the primitive stage business owner was the business manager. But after the develop­ment of joint stock company there has been a com­plete separation of ownership from management. This was the major obstacle to India’s industrial development. “Innovation is a specific tool of entrepreneurship.”.

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