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Membrane Fusion Reaction..). leaflets of the membrane have the labeled PC. Render date: 2020-11-27T05:19:13.004Z Tubes were observed either by video enhanced differential interference contrast (VE‐DIC) or by fluorescence microscopy (Roux et al, 2002). rafts. "crossMark": true, Washington, DC: American Chemical Society; 1994. p. 129–49. understanding of lipid synthesis and trafficking in cells is important. Eibl, Hansjörg Higgs, T.P. sample is divided into two. and (Trinitrobenzensulfonate). conformation. "conformation of phosphatidylethanolamine in the gel phase as seen by neutron diffraction." Rafts also appear to be enriched in cholesterol Facilitated Diffusion in the Transport and Kinetics Unit.) respectively. Biochemistry 19. ), On the flexibility of hydrocarbon chains in lipid bilayers, Deuterium-labeled lipids as structural probes in liquid crystalline bilayers. radioactive, electron spin resonance) that allow laboratory Tight packing of a monolayer by ions, The effect of anesthetic-like molecules on the phase transition in smectic mesophases of dipalmitoyl lecithin. Biophysical Journal 81, J Phys Chem B. Mammalian Cells. Kinetics and applications, Imaging coexisting fluid domains in biomembrane models coupling curvature and line tension, Physical properties of the fluid lipid‐bilayer component of cell membranes: a perspective, Evidence for segregation of sphingomyelin and cholesterol during formation of COPI‐coated vesicles, Auditory sensitivity provided by self‐tuned critical oscillations of hair cells, Theory of fission for two‐component lipid vesicles, Sphingomyelin/phosphatidylcholine/cholesterol phase diagram: boundaries and composition of lipid rafts, Formation and interaction of membrane tubes, Lipid rafts reconstituted in model membranes, Heightened sensitivity of a lattice of membrane receptors, The state of lipid rafts: from model membranes to cells, Entropy‐driven tension and bending elasticity in condensed‐fluid membranes, Lipids, lipid modification and lipid–protein interaction in membrane budding and fission—insights from the roles of endophilin A1 and synaptophysin in synaptic vesicle endocytosis, Probing lipid mobility of raft‐exhibiting model membranes by fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, Cellular cholesterol efflux mediated by cyclodextrins, Real‐time analysis of the effects of cholesterol on lipid raft behavior using atomic force microscopy, Ordered and curved meso‐structures in membranes and amphiphilic films, Role of membrane organization and membrane domains in endocytic lipid trafficking, Endocytic sorting of lipid analogues differing solely in the chemistry of their hydrophobic tails, A minimal system allowing tubulation with molecular motors pulling on giant liposomes, Nucleolar assembly of the rRNA processing machinery in living cells, Endophilin I mediates synaptic vesicle formation by transfer of arachidonate to lysophosphatidic acid, Curvature‐induced lateral phase segregation in two‐component vesicles, Accessory factors in clathrin‐dependent synaptic vesicle endocytosis, Chromophore‐assisted light inactivation and self‐organization of microtubules and motors, Theoretical analysis of the effect of the transbilayer movement of phospholipid molecules on the dynamic behavior of a microtube pulled out of an aspirated vesicle, Sphingolipid transport: rafts and translocators, Organization in lipid membranes containing cholesterol, A closer look at the canonical ‘raft mixture’ in model membrane studies, Physical and physiological evidence for two phase transitions in cytoplasmic membranes of animal cells, Supplementary Figure S1A (Supplementary data), Supplementary Figure S2A and Supplementary data, http://www.physics.iisc.ernet.in/~statphys22. Phys Rev E. 2004;70:021908. Nuclear magnetic resonance studies of diacyl-L-phosphatidylcholines (lecithins), Deuteron magnetic resonance studies of water associated with phospholipids, X-ray diffraction studies on nerve membrane, A spin probe study of the influence of cholesterol on the motion and orientation of phospholipids in oriented multi-bilayers and vesicles, Spin-lable studies of oriented smectic liquid crystals. TNBS which undergoes We have thus evidenced that sorting of lipids in tubes can be achieved in two ways: in the first way, phase separation has already occurred on the vesicle and tubes are enriched in lipids of one phase; in the second way, lipids are initially mixed in the membrane and are subsequently sorted upon tube formation on the basis of their molecular properties.

Tuna Nachos Recipe, Blank Minnesota Map, Spicy Chicken Sandwich Chick-fil-a, Cf4 Lewis Structure Polar Or Nonpolar, Olympic Medal Winners,

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