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poole harbour rules

a notice as to the removal of a vehicle under article 23(6); or. Take one of the numerous footpaths on the right side of the road towards the harbour. www.twitter.com/lovepooleuk (5) Where, in an emergency, the Commissioners exercise their powers under paragraph (1) without notice, they must notify the owner that they have exercised their powers in relation to the vessel as soon as reasonably practicable afterwards. the Commissioners may recover the amounts referred to in paragraph (3)(c) net of any proceeds of sale from the owner as a debt. Many rare and uncommon plants and invertebrates also make their home in these areas, and within the harbour bed are a wide range of aquatic species such as sponges, tube worms, sea squirts and sea mats. There is an old anti-landing wall that runs around 100 yards out from the beach towards  the west end of the beach, put in place during the first world war to stop potential landing craft. To provide you with the best experience, cookies are used on this site. The area is noted for boat users as having an easy access slipway with convenient parking in a large pay and display car park and street parking. to consult with the Commissioners before placing or using another light in lieu of the light to which the notice relates. 48.—(1) The Commissioners may pay such gratuities, pensions or allowances and make such other payments as they may think fit to any past or present employee of the Commissioners or the family or dependants of such an employee. (2) The Secretary of State’s consent is not required under paragraph (1)(b) in cases of emergency. 36. (2) The Commissioners may defray reasonable expenses incurred in connection with official receptions, promotion or entertainment connected with the affairs of the Commissioners. 33. wreck within the meaning of Part IX of the 1995 Act; or. A person to whom a resolution under paragraph 8 or 9 of this Schedule relates shall not be counted for the purpose of determining whether the meeting at which the resolution is considered is quorate. Harbour Office, 20 New Quay Road, Poole, Dorset BH15 4AF  Telephone: 01202 440200  Email: moorings@phc.co.uk. Over on the south side of the Harbour, an advisory speed limit of 6 knots is in effect. (6) Where the Commissioners sell anything in accordance with paragraph (4) or paragraph (5) they—, (a)may recover out of the proceeds of sale the expenses of removal and sale or disposal under this article; and. (4) Where a notice or other document such as is referred to in paragraph (1) is required or authorised to be served on the recipient as having any interest in, or as the occupier of, land and the name or address of the recipient cannot be ascertained after reasonable enquiry, the notice may be served by—, (a)addressing it to the recipient by name or by the description of “owner”, or as the case may be “occupier”, of the land (describing it); and. Poole Harbour, Holes Bay Evening sun over Holes Bay. “the harbour, dock or pier” means the harbour; “the Promoters of the undertaking” and “the undertakers” mean the Commissioners; and. 42.—(1) The Commissioners may establish and maintain reserve funds. Where the Commissioners, in the exercise of powers conferred upon them by any enactment, commence any work or operations, they may, during such period not exceeding five years from the commencement of the work as they determine, charge to capital as part of the cost of the work interest on any money raised to defray—, (a)the cost of the acquisition of any lands for the purpose of the work; and. (a)the powers under section 252 were exercised in an emergency; (b)before exercising powers under section 252(2)(a) or (c), the Commissioners—, (i)gave the owner not less than 48 hours’ notice of their intention to do so; and, (ii)did not receive within that period written notice of the owner’s intention to dispose of the vessel; or. Here lies the ideal location to use your PW as it keeps you away from the harbour entrance and shipping channels, which visitors are not to linger by. The Commissioners may invest in any manner in which they are for the time being authorised to invest moneys the whole or any part of any sum borrowed under this Order and not for the time being required for the purpose for which it was borrowed, and any other money held by the Commissioners for the purposes of this Order and not for the time being required for the purposes of the undertaking. Notwithstanding paragraph 9(2) of this Schedule the Commissioners if they think fit may pass a combined resolution under paragraphs 9 and 8 of this Schedule removing the Chairman from his position as such and declaring his office as a Commissioner to be vacant. By using this data, you are agreeing to the Regulating or prohibiting the digging for bait in the harbour where such digging may endanger any structure or cause obstruction or danger to navigation. (7) If but for sub-paragraph (6) a Chairman’s term of office as a Commissioner would have expired before his term of office as Chairman, his term of office as a Commissioner shall be extended until the date upon which his term of office as Chairman expires or (if earlier) the date upon which he otherwise ceases to be the Chairman. A water sports-lover’s haven amid rolling Purbeck hills you’ll be sure to find that well-deserved pampered break away. COVID-19 VISITENGLAND WE’RE GOOD TO GO ACCREDITED BUSINESS. An officer of the Commissioners may prevent a vessel from using a landing place or any other facilities provided by the Commissioners if the master of the vessel refuses to pay—. (a)intentionally obstructs any person acting under the authority of the Commissioners in setting out moorings in the harbour; (b)intentionally and without lawful authority pulls up or removes any mooring or any part of any mooring in the harbour; (c)places, lays downs, maintains, renews or has in the harbour any mooring not provided under article 9 or licensed under article 10; (d)without reasonable excuse causes or permits a vessel to be moored in the harbour except at a mooring provided or licensed by the Commissioners or at a quay, jetty or other work provided for the mooring of vessels; or. (3) Where the Commissioners exercise the power of paragraph (1) they must inform the police as soon as practicable afterwards. For the mullet try free lined bread as they are incredibly spooky, using a bread ground bait mix to increase their confidence. in the case of a notice under article 19(3)(b)(i), by registered post or recorded delivery; with the consent of the person to be served (“the recipient”), and subject to paragraphs (7) to (10), by electronic transmission. Much of this can be spotted by the keen eye in areas of low-lying poorly drained land that sits just above the tidal level. ... New rules needed. (a)in relation to any vessel sunk, stranded or abandoned by design by or under the orders of a person acting on behalf of Her Majesty or an officer or servant of the Crown acting in the course of duty as such; (b)except with the consent of the Secretary of State, in relation to any vessel which, at the time when the vessel was sunk, stranded or abandoned—, (i)had been required to be placed at the disposal of Her Majesty or of a government department; and. requiring persons to comply with a requirement made in or under a general direction; regulating or requiring the movement, berthing, mooring or unmooring of the vessel; requiring the removal from any part of the harbour of a vessel if—, it is in such condition as to be liable to become immobilised or waterlogged, or to sink, or to constitute a danger to life or property; or, it is making an unlawful use of the harbour or interfering with the reasonable use or enjoyment of the harbour by other vessels or persons or the dispatch of business in the harbour; or. This area is predominately a summer fishing location. Getting there: From Poole take the A35 heading towards Parkstone and Bournemouth, Turn right on to Fernside Road, then left on to Commercial Road A35,slight right onto Park Road, slight left on to Sandbanks Road and then turn left to stay on Sandbanks Rd, follow Ferry Way to car park on the left. 15. It has also been designated as a Ramsar site (Wetlands of International Importance) and European Marine Site (EMS). (c)the person has been allowed to resign or to make representations to the Commissioners in response to the notice in writing or (if the person so wishes) in person. 39.—(1) Notwithstanding anything contained in any enactment, the Commissioners may from time to time, for the general purposes of the undertaking, borrow upon the security of all or any of the revenues and property of the Commissioners and by any method or methods which they see fit such sums of money as they consider necessary. Recognised by many within the wider academic community as a bastion for rare and uncommon species, the area has been classified with a number of statutory designations. Please respect … 3. This site additionally contains content derived from EUR-Lex, reused under the terms of the Commission Decision 2011/833/EU on the reuse of documents from the EU institutions. (2) A person who fails to comply with a notice given under this article shall be guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 4 on the standard scale.

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