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raleigh st augustine grass

Raleigh is a relatively aggressive grass that spreads quickly by above-ground runners called stolens. It grows well in most soil types and performs well in full sun or half day shade. Raleigh adapts well to heavier, organic, clay soils with medium to low soil pH. Raleigh – For Southern California homeowners, Raleigh St. Augustine grass is probably the easiest to care for. // End --> Raleigh St. Augustine is a cold-hardy St. Augustine variety released by North Carolina State University in 1980. Plant St. Augustine grass plugs or sod in full sun, at least 90 days before your region’s first estimated fall frost, to give the grass plenty of time to establish. It has a medium green color with a coarse texture. This is the most widely grown variety of St. Augustine grass in Texas. This is a native St. Augustine grass chosen for better texture and color than more common St. Augustine grasses. St. Augustine is commonly used as a ground cover in pastures and ranches, thanks to its drought tolerance and hardiness. Not only we deliver to Houston Tx but we also offer sod delivery to Sugar… We look forward to helping you. Raleigh St. Augustine grass features a medium blade(9-10mm) and is dark green in color when fertilized properly.It is shade tolerant (minimum 4 hrs of sun), SAD(St. Augustine Decline) resistant, and excellent at choking out weeds. Recent Comments. Raleigh St. Augustine. Raleigh grass is a cold-hardy cultivar released by North Carolina State University in 1980. Raleigh St. Augustine grass was well received by sod growers in the southeast of Florida. ... Raleigh St. Augustine Care. Palmetto. Although it is the most shade tolerant warm season grass, Raleigh still requires 3 to 4 hours of direct sun light. Please note that like all turfgrass, Raleigh St. Augustine grass is a living plant, not a miracle grass. Raleigh is our most popular turfgrass. The major pest of St Augustine grass is the chinch bug. All rights reserved | Site Map | Legal | Privacy Statement | FAQ | Site powered by. It does not tolerate water logged soils or extended periods of very cold temperatures. Houston Grass South Owner Michael Romine talks about the pluses and minuses of Raleigh St. Augustine grass in this video. It does very well on clay soils. 3. It is also susceptible to brown patch disease. St. Augustine Grass. It is cold hardy and shade tolerant but requires 3 to 4 hours of direct sunlight a day. Raleigh is more shade tolerant and cold tolerant than Floratam St. Augustine grass. Keeping the grass healthy (watered, fertilized, etc.) Choose the store or farm location nearest to you to check availability and price. Raleigh is best adapted to the heavier, organic, clay soils with medium to low soil pH in central and north Florida. Raleigh St. Augustine is a vigorous, medium green, medium textured lawn grass. With proper maintenance, it will provide a dense, lush lawn. Insects That Damage St. Augustine Grass. Contact us today for all your Raleigh St. Augustine grass needs in Central Texas. It provides dense ground coverage and has a short growth habit with a mowing height between 2 to 3 inches. The cultivar Raleigh has the best cold tolerance and is well adapted for the eastern side of the piedmont and the western side of … document.write("- " + update); St. Augustine grass grows best in the warmth of spring and summer, when high temperatures are normally 80-100 °F. Raleigh adapts well to heavier, organic, clay soils with medium to low soil pH. The grass will form a dense lawn that handles moderate traffic. It has a medium to dark green color with wide leaf blades and a high shade tolerance. Primarily used for residential lawns but also for commercial lawns. The grass will form a dense lawn that handles moderate traffic. It is medium to dark green in color and course textured. Raleigh St. Augustine Grass . Raleigh St. Augustine is a medium coarse bladed turf and is the most widely available and distributed St. Augustine variety in Texas.

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