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reading without punctuation

Who knows? But who really cares about punctuation?!? Success! And your drawings continue to be an 11 on a scale of 1-10, especially the period and comma. power than the exclamation mark. You never disappoint, there’s always something to learn. Linda says. View US version . I would definitely abuse the exclamation mark when I didn’t have to. Yep, so true, and well put. There are a collection of extracts from various authors. And the over-usage of the exclamation mark . Mastering punctuation may be the secret to writing well! Many writers think the exclamation mark adds power to their voice. What’s not to like about that? Conditions. Thank you Henneke, now I have learnt the usage of these punctuation marks! And the power of the full stop. You share your most valuable tips. Yes, punctuation is probably more important than most of us think. For example: Confusion is also possible when readers fail to pause for a comma in a direct address. But I improved my writing over the years and I’d like to say I’m much better. ~ A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens. That’s what it’s all about. “A comma is a pause at the end of a clause; A cat has claws at the ends of its paws”. Creating the illustrations was fun! Thank you for stopping by, Rodney. Beyond just memorizing the rules and uses of a punctuation mark, discuss punctuation within your reading classrooms, too. Here’s an authoritative opening paragraph without question marks: Most bloggers wish they’d gain more email subscribers when they publish guest posts. If the question mark engages, the exclamation mark repels. Loved to read it. Fascinatingly, Pun-ishingly so: OK. OK here goes. PPS Want to learn how to use punctuation correctly? . Thanks for clearing the misconception . You are just getting more brilliant every time you write. Totally with you where you say that the full stop holds more punctuational (is that a word?) Good writers choose their words with piercing precision so they don’t need to opt for lazy exclamation marks. When readers fail to pause after each item in a list, meaning can become muddled. Sentences crash and fall like the waves of the sea, and work unconsciously on the reader. Reading Punctuation Marks. Shorter sentences make for a faster read and happier reader. In other cases, use powerful words instead of exclamation marks. Without punctuation we would get lost. Even old dogs can learn new tricks. But empathetic writers engage their readers with questions. Thank you for being so generous, Thank you for your lovely compliment, Tamara. Thanks for sharing Henneke! Excellent article, HK. Please try again. Thank you for your comment, Sherman. Revised version uploaded 4th June, with a typo corrected! Happy writing, Jeanette! . Those that tend to do that is typically lazy. Henrietta seems to love reading in her comma-shaped sofa . I probably use far too many commas for your liking . Take on any writing project with gusto. You must think about writing proper sentences, choosing the right words, and avoiding spelling mistakes. ( Overuse of !? I constantly marvel at an ESL learner teaching English speakers their own language. Power to the punctuation! In written English, punctuation is vital to disambiguate the meaning of sentences. At least now I know they can actually help. Lynne Truss discusses emoticons briefly in her book Eats, Shoots & Leaves and calls them “the greatest (or most desperate, depending how you look at it) advance in punctuation since the question mark in the reign of Charlemagne.” So, I think they qualify as punctuation marks . Square The comma in (what is possibly the longest sentence ever) gives the sense of a wheel turning, which also draws in the reader. And … what about those other, more nuanced forms of punctuation: the ellipsis; the colon; the semi-colon; the em dash–? To become more authoritative and inspirational. Reading is a portal to knowledge and joy! by Henneke | 84 enchanting opinions, add yours? But…i trust you to stamp out these crimes. I didn’t make that clear. I am guilty of overusing the exclamation mark. There are a collection of extracts from various authors. The illustrations are, always, delightful. I try to add more questions within my posts now to include my readers more on the topic. Another valuable piece of advice for content creators everywhere. My most overused punctuation is what Mary DeMuth calls “word art”, the smiley. Reply. If you look at popular taglines or award-winning headlines, it’s easy to see how they could have been drab with only a slight difference in the wording or the punctuation. Terry Gorry says. It sounds like you had fun writing this article – terrific Oscar Wilde snippet. This is what I find hard sometimes with podcasts – they either go too fast or too slow for me. Learn more about books and courses, I never saw myself as a writer, but in my early forties, I learned how to write and discovered the joy of writing. These are vital tips. Learning how to use punctuation is important for writers. You are brilliant. Ha! Thank you so much for adding that, Katharine. Yeah, it’s an unnecessary comma. It fizzles out a little, doesn’t it? The shortened sentence is more colloquial. Punctuation marks can tell the reader when to slow down, speed up and stop. Thank you for this excellent primer on punctuation. Punctuation really seems like beginners’ stuff. I did noticed a small typo in your Noah Lukeman quote though: “There is an underlying rhythm to all text. There is another instance when we may choose to include it, when we use those “question” words and are not asking anything, but exclaiming, such as, “What a beautiful day!” This is merely a point of intent, though. I have removed all the punctuation. It’s kind of: you need to know the rules, and then feel free to break the rules . It’s the hidden structure that holds the integrity of a sentence together. We rely on them far too heavily when what we really need to do is to go back to our words and try to make them convey more precisely what we’re trying to say. The comma is my favourite punctuation too. Thanks for the Punctuation Guide Henneke and cool use of Henrietta? You are the writer. Or authoritative. It help me understand that it I don’t have to be grammarily correct at all times, but have fun and enjoy writing. It was approved by Copyblogger editorial team. fist pump (exclamation mark, exclamation mark – which of course I never use) Yes (God, I want to use an exclamation mark here). Yes, I love full stops. It’s so overused!!! Henneke says. , The question marks, too. Have you read the book Eat, Shoots & Leaves? If we ever meet, please, whatever you do, do not introduce me as a “strict editor.” . Some reading comprehension problems are related to misinterpreting punctuation. Here’s an alternative version with more full stops: Your job as a blogger is not simply to write tutorials. Learn how I can help you. Commas can be used before a coordinating conjunction that connects two independent clauses. Shakespeare also made up words. In the past, I had a lot of issues with punctuation. You are absolutely right about punctuation. Yes, it’s important to have fun with your writing. I remember someone telling me that full stops were a bad thing. Contact My dislike of exclamation marks is well known … I persevere in my mission , And yes, I had a lot of fun. This resource is designed for UK teachers. I’m going to correct it straightaway. I love that you pointed out exclamation points can be lazy. And I thought I was alone. Even “snackable” isn’t officially a word (but I didn’t make that up myself). I tend to get turned off by what seems to be an over use of the exclamation mark in marketing copy or blogs. May 10, 2016 at 9:38 pm. Thank you for stopping by again, Jon. I never get enough of your posts Henneke. Then, omitting the exclamation point truly relays the point. You can see it here (about 5 paragraphs down) – http://www.lukeman.com/adashofstyle/read.htm. – Tom PS., I wonder if the emoticons are new punctuation marks? I appreciate your comment , This is something I need to work on. Thank you for your comment, Sherman. Instead of acting solely like a blogger dishing out your tips, become a mentor for your readers, a chief of your village, a leader of your tribe. My accent would put any school head off . Yes, the word “grammarily” isn’t in the dictionary, but it is in mine ! Thank you, Derrick! I’m glad you’re feeling inspired and more confident. Created: Jan 22, 2015| Updated: Feb 22, 2018. Thank you, Cathy. With words, we’re not just imparting meaning, we’re signalling intentions. . . Thank you for stopping by again, Marcella! The former editor in me is stuck on the compound predicate in the Noah Lukeman quote that is separated by an unnecessary comma. Try reading a text without punctuation… that’s a real struggle! I like making up words. I’m learning to refrain from unnecessary exclamation marks and to shorten my sentences will a full stop. For me, the advantage of the written word is that everyone can consume it at their own speed.

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