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reese's peanut butter sauce ingredients

I tried to find a similar peanut butter sundae at various restaurants and fast food joints around town, but I couldn’t. I decided to do the next best thing;  make my own Copycat Friendly’s Peanut Butter Sauce. Think regular Jif, Skippy or even your favourite grocery store brand should work. The flavor of this sauce is truly amazing! Sprinkle  Reese’s Pieces over the sauce, then top with whipped cream and a cherry. It makes a perfect snack and I tend to sustain myself most mornings on peanut butter and honey toast. Learn the good & bad for 250,000+ products. I might even be guilty of taking a spoonful or two straight from the jar. Use a regular creamy peanut butter for this. when I have free time, I’ll make it. Tip: Be sure to store the leftover sauce in the fridge. You can't get this famous peanut butter sauce just anywhere. If you want a spicy peanut sauce, add everything to a food processor or blender along with a little bit of crushed red pepper flakes and blend together. I have to try this out! Because this is a quick and easy recipe, you can be enjoying this dessert sauce tonight. We have a peanut butter sauce recipe we use for our chicken too. This is one of the easiest sauces I’ve put together. YUM!! Repeat until the peanut butter reaches your desired consistency. This peanut butter sauce is great for front of the house frozen yogurt and ice cream stations for your patrons to use as an ice cream topping. Because, on occasion, the list of ingredients can change, we strongly encourage you to check the ingredient label on the package each time before you make a purchase. Warming it helps. I love how simple it is to make. The label includes an accurate, current listing of the ingredients in our products. It IS super thick, though, and doesn't run like other sauces. I scoop out what I want to reheat and then reheat it for 15 seconds at a time, stir, keep heating until it’s warm. Your email address will not be published. At the end of the shelf life, there may be some flavor loss or texture changes, but it would not be harmful. This cake is rich, decadent, and should be eaten with your finest utensils—or just shove it in your face like we did. When following my recipe, if you don’t want to use corn syrup, I recommend Golden Syrup – it’s just like corn syrup, but it is made with sugar cane. To reheat the sauce, warm briefly in the microwave- around 10 to 15 seconds- before serving. Peanut Butter Dessert Sauce makes a perfect dip for fruit or even stirred into yogurt. I never have to buy an ice cream sundae again. My childhood just came rushing back. One reader told me that the sauce is so good, it’s even great cold when you spread it on Oreos! Are REESE'S products vegan? Sign-up to our newsletter and become a member of our happy community! Hershey Foodservice is a leading North American manufacturer of chocolates, confections, toppings, and baking products. I have kept it in my fridge for 2 to 3 weeks. Good taste is in the details. So good. This is one of my very favorite things from Friendly’s! Sprinkle on some extra peanuts for crunch. That looks really good. Find more incredible copycat foods and family desserts to make and enjoy. Love peanut butter? This particular dessert sauce is silky and smooth and makes the most irresistible little puddles around the ice cream in a sundae. It’s so smooth and it easily comes out of a bottle to squeeze as a topping! If I’m serving as a salad dressing or crudités, I like to garnish with a tablespoon or so of chopped peanuts. Swap out the water for low-sodium chicken stock or coconut milk to add even more flavor. Peanuts, peanut oil, sugar, contains 2% or less of: cornstarch, Salt, and hydrogenated vegetable oil (rapeseed, cottonseed, and soybean Oils). Place the peanut butter in a microwave-safe bowl and microwave on high at intervals as follows. If you have not tried Friendly’s Peanut Butter Sauce, you have not enjoyed ice cream in an amazing way. The Gluten-Free Meal Prep Cookbook will be released on December 22, 2020. Throw is on salads, toss it with chicken and veggies for lettuce wraps, serve with chinese noodles, or simply use as a dip with crudités. The water thins the 3-ingredient sauce out so it can easily coat salads, chicken, or salmon. A PDF viewer is required to view this product's information. After a quick stir, it will be ready for use! It hardens back up in the fridge so you will need to heat this for a moment or two before serving. The sauce has a great peanut butter taste that is not too overpowering and tastes natural. A typical peanut sauce traditionally has lots of soy sauce, honey, sesame oil, vinegar, chili paste, and peanut butter, among a few other ingredients, we’ve narrowed it down to just three! Vegetarians can also indulge in this sauce by Reese’s. Store leftovers in the refrigerator for up to a week. All dessert and ice cream shops should have this product. Hershey uses good manufacturing practices to control for the possibility of crossover of allergens into products that do not contain those allergens. Oh my goodness, I grew up eating ice cream at Friendly’s at least three times a month. After a few adjustments, I decided if I couldn’t make it to Friendly’s, this was the next best thing. And it. Even with the two extra “optional” ingredients, we’re still looking at a five-ingredient recipe. This new version of a peanut sauce has all of the peanut-forward flavor I love, without all of the ingredients, which I love even more. I flew too close to the sun, and my love of ice cream burned away after coming home wearing ice cream every day for a couple of years. It's the perfect consistency to make my homemade milkshakes. Unless she isn't doing the cooking, then she loves homemade desserts. (You might want to cover the bowl with a microwave-suitable lid or paper towel to avoid messy splatters.). Please feel free to tag @candyjarchronicles or use #candyjarchronicles on Instagram, so I can see your post. The product is difficult to get into a squeeze bottle, other than that no complaints.

Drinking Water Ppm Chart, How To Make Juicy Baked Barbecue Chicken Thighs, Costco Frozen Cookie, Bertolli Spaghetti Sauce Recipe, Katwa 1 Block Bdo Name,

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