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s30v vs m390

On a tangent–at any rate, I wanted to second your love for the Contego. It could be that these tested knives are thinner than the knives used in the dataset, which were primarily simple rectangular test knives, not consumer pocket knives. Also, do you know which companies use this steel? For the sake of not writing a novel, I will define a super steel by its edge retention as the measuring rod. And while you’ll find it mostly in expensive knives, quite a few approachable M390 blades exist. My favourite steel is still Hitachi’s Super Blue (Aogami)- great edge retention with above average ease of sharpening. Thanks for dropping by! Run by a two-person husband and wife team, Thomas & Elise Xavier, this blog's mission is to offer a down to earth resource for both survivalists and preppers alike. Please see here a great website that will allow you to input the steel you are considering and compare by composition. ... All-Around: M390, CTS-204P, and CPM-20CV. If the knives were re-tested they would have a slightly different result. Metallurgy and Testing of Knives and Steel. Identical knives are always best, of course, to reduce the number of variables being tested. Plus I like to whittle when sitting around said fire. Re: Which PM2? I agree that the ability to maintain your knife is just as important as the steel grade itself. Read more…. In my earlier CATRA articles I used statistical analysis of a large dataset to provide a prediction of the CATRA test based on hardness, edge angle, and amount of each carbide type: TCC (mm) = -157 + 15.8*Hardness (Rc) – 17.8*EdgeAngle(°) + 5.0*Fe3C(%) + 11.2*CrC(%) + 14.6*CrVC(%) + 26.2*MC(%) + 9.5*M6C(%) + 20.9*MN(%) + 19.4*CrN(%). However, they have the exact same steel. Howdy James! Topics: Camping, Explainer Series, Knives, Outdoor. Thanks, Thomas! CATRA is a slicing edge retention test where the knife cuts through cardstock with a 5% silica content which abrades the edge. Howdy Peter! Browse MTJS posts by me here & other blogs of mine here. Carried daily for over a year, and every time I use it I love it more, or find some new aspect of the design that I’m surprised by and appreciate more. Are rating guides, such as Knife Informer’s Guide to the Best Knife Steels, generally accurate in regards to ease of sharpening, or does individual company’s heat treatment cause large variations in this? The heat treat matters more than the steel type. It’s a complicated subject, for sure. i probably have more S30V knives than any other. No fancy free e-book or shiny product bribe incentive offered here! It doesn’t hold an edge well, but it’s so easy to sharpen that you can get it back to razor sharpness in a few minutes. I have had the Lab working overtime to compile this infographic. Also, is there any data on initial sharpness? I have told my girl numerous times how nice this site is, it’s not some end of the world, the Government is tainting our air and Zombies are coming sort of write up. The issue with the obsession with super steels is that we have lost sight of the big picture. I am not here to plug my channel. In regular use, I can’t actually tell the difference between S30V and S35VN, and I doubt you can either! I think “However a good and well designed/made knife can show surprising results with mediocre steel and might outrun a badly made knife with super steel.” is a well phrased salient point. Become a patron and gain access to awesome rewards including early access to articles or a Knife Steel Nerds mug! Yep, it seems so often that people fall to this narrative of a steel being useless if its not a bleeding edge super steel- which of course doesn’t match up with reality. Yep! Steels 7Cr and below aren’t worth your time or money. My subjective impression is that this small knife, compared to my other knives, has the sharpest edge and stays very long sharp when it is used to its intended purpose to cut small things and not in chopping wood … It boasts an incredible ability to continue cutting long after it seems “dull.” And it’s not made of steel. It’s used for combat knives, bushcrafting knives, and other applications where having a supertough blade trumps the need for edge retention and corrosion resistance. CPM-S30V has become one of the most used premium steels on the market among knife manufacturers. Many scout leaders an professional guides (NOLS, Outward Bound, etc. This was through serious wilderness. If anything, id prefer a hardef heat treat, a knife xan be reground if the owner desires but it’s very hard to change the hardness of steel. They should have a similar level of sharpness assuming their sharpener has good repeatability. Sharpness and cutting ability are different as described in this article: Sharpness vs Cutting Ability. My humble opinion is that the treatment of the steel and design of the blade matter most. One was conducted by Mike Latham of CollectorKnives, and the other by a group of people including Clint of the Alchemy_1 Youtube channel. These reports are the product of a minor controversy over the Rockwell hardness of production knives and the relation between Rockwell hardness and edge retention. I have been using Taylors table at and it seems to line up very close with your algorithm. CPM440V has been installed on some flat ground knives (The millie, the Lil’Temperance…) and some hollow ground blades (Starmate, Native…). At the end of the day, advertising exists because it works. :-) The S30V, S35VN and S110V models are all readily available, but I'd either need to wait for another M390 (or its equivalent) sprint or look on the secondary market. Carpenter produces this powder steel. The predictive equation is not perfect though I have confidence in it as a relative comparison (higher hardness steel with more carbide at a lower edge angle will cut better). This is a nitrogen steel that is extremely corrosion-resistant — so much so that it’s used in knives designed to go in salt water, among the most difficult conditions knives are used in. Here is my silly pile of currently most carried knives: Steels left to right: Elmax, S90V, Elmax, D2, Chad Nichols damascus, CTS-204p (same comp basically as M390) x 4. S90v has great wear resistance but would make a sub par chopper and m4 is a great overall steel but would make a bad diving knife. I mean, think about it, how much better if it takes hours to put that edge back and what if you just cannot get back that razor edge? But they’re on the market! It has an HRc over 70, usually even harder than Maxamet. But if you want to know what the coolest blade material is, for my money, SM100 is it. Howdy Brian! Do they have the same hardness? At work I end up cutting a lot of wet sandy rope, which can really wreck an edge, and the M4 has held up at least twice as well than S30v. Side note: stripping wood is a extremely easy task that should not affect the cutting performance of your knives after only a few days and cutting packages for 5 minutes should not dull any knife- regardless of steel!

Grendel Chapter 7 Philosophy, Panera Promo Code October 2020, 2006 Cadillac Cts For Sale, Trek Logo Svg, When Do Azaleas Bloom In Georgia,

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