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saint quotes on the assumption

Since St. Thomas came late, the tomb of Mary was opened for him at his request. fol. As St. Bonaventure 15 repeats from St. Bernard: “You have secure access to God where you have the Mother addressing the Son, and the Son before the Father in your behalf. Below are quotes from four Saints and one Blessed on the Assumption. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Vierge, t. 12, p. 59. They are painful to nature, but the ordinary exercise of heroic souls in pure and perfect love. By looking at Mary’s Assumption into Heaven we understand better that even though our daily life may be marked by trials and difficulties, it flows like a river to the divine ocean, to the fullness of joy and peace. Vet. This of her assumption was celebrated with the utmost solemnity at Jerusalem in the fifth and sixth ages, as appears from the life of St. Theodosius. It illustrates the very deep roots of this dogma in Catholic belief and practice.). The Assumption Of Mary Wishes Picture. That she should be the mother of her Creator was the most wonderful miracle, and the highest dignity; yet it was not properly this that God crowned in her, as Christ himself assures us. (Apud. Precisely this devotional element, so to speak, was the driving force behind the formulation of this Dogma. We have much for which to…, My main problem with this ruling is that four vote…, Pardoned? We on earth are bound, on many accounts, to join them in the duty of thanksgiving and joy. The Assumption Of The Blessed Virgin Mary Wishes Picture. This was the source of her transcendent charity, and of all her other virtues, by drawing from heaven those graces into her soul. By a special privilege, she was enriched by divine grace from the moment of her conception, and Christ, who ascended to the right hand of the Father, opened the doors of his kingdom to her, first among human creatures. She received from him that zeal for the glory of God, and those bowels of tenderness and compassion for the souls of poor sinners, which surpassed those of all angels and men. (Or. [back] How sharp a sword of most bitter grief must have then pierced the soul of this mother of sorrows! She is said to be clothed with the sun—that is, with a glory transcending that of the other blessed, as the brightness of the sun surpasseth the stars; it is added, that the moon is placed under her feet. 78. Assemani Bibl. Thank you Tom I already did and hope to continue to do so as I receive future updates of posts from your good blog. ( Log Out /  Luke xi. It is an opinion perfectly conformable to the sentiments of piety and respect which we owe to the glorious Mother of God. See the Fr. May you enjoy a day full of festivities and feasts with your loved ones.”, “Just like Mother Mary came across the most beautiful news this day, you also find good luck on this auspicious day. Deiparæ, pp. The prayers of the holy Virgin Mary, whilst she lived on earth, were certainly of great efficacy; much more than those of Abraham, Job, or Elias. Serm. This solemnity, in ancient Martyrologies, is promiscuously called the assumption, passage, or repose of the Virgin Mary. Now raised to a state of bliss she cannot have lost the power to intercede with God for us; this on the contrary must be much greater as she is now seated near the throne of mercy. Wi…, Thanks, all. Thank you SO much for this post Melanie! Various popes and Church documents refer to these mysteries, some asserting that Mary did experience a natural death, though her body didn’t suffer any decomposition. cit. That early Christian believed in Mary’s Assumption is proven in the lack of her relics, empty tombs, the existence of Transitus Mariae stories, and quotes from early Christians. We ought certainly to employ this festival in pouring forth our souls before God, in most holy transports of thanksgiving for the high degree of grace and glory to which, in his infinite mercy, he has exalted her; secondly, in imitating her virtues; thirdly, in imploring his clemency and bounty through her patronage and intercession. St. Teresa, in her childhood, grieving for the loss of her mother, cast herself on her knees before a picture of the Blessed Virgin, beseeching her with many tears to take her under her special patronage, and to be to her a tender mother and tutoress. After the surrender of Burgoyne in. Villainous misgovernment of the Churc…, Yep. Note 20. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 47 And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour. The road of privations is the most secure as well as most fruitful in heroic virtues. Pope Francis: How Do We Live Out the Eucharist? The New Release – Mater Eucharistiae is Out…Buy Your Copy Today! St. John probably staid in Judæa and that neighbourhood till after her death, and seems not to have come to Ephesus before SS. ( Log Out /  This recommendation of ourselves to her we may renew in our morning and night devotions, and in a more solemn manner on all her festivals; imploring, moreover, her intercession in all temptations, and necessities, spiritual or corporal. in 1342, ap. The Dogma appears as an act of praise and exaltation of the Holy Virgin. “It was fitting…that the most holy-body of Mary, God-bearing body, receptacle of God, divinized, incorruptible, illuminated by divine grace and full glory…should be entrusted to the earth for a little while and raised up to heaven in glory, with her soul pleasing to God.” (Theoteknos of Livias, Homily on the Assumption; before 650 A.D.). Although the Assumption was not declared dogmatic till 1950, the Church always believed and taught for centuries that the Theotokos (God-Bearer) was assumed into Heaven at the end of her earthly life. No, certainly. What was already celebrated in the veneration and devotion of the People of God as the highest and most permanent glorification of Mary was thus expressed in the form of a dogmas; the act of the proclamation of the Assumption was presented almost as a liturgy of faith.”, Tagged as: Assumption of Mary, Pope Benedict quotes, Pope Benedict Quotes on the Assumption, quotes on the Assumption, Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary, The Assumption of Mary into Heaven. - Saint Augustine Spirit. (c. 120,) shows these terms, death, repose, passage, &c., to coincide with the word assumption; and this last to have been sometimes used of other saints, as St. Gregory of Tours mentions the assumption of St. Avitus of Vienne. S. Bonav. For Catholics, it’s a Holy Day of Obligation. 351.) As we approach the Dormition of the Theotokos and the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, let us enter this week in deep prayer to Our Blessed Mother, who serves us with her motherly mediation and advocacy. Armen. Let it then suffice that we know her honour now is proportioned to the incomprehensible dignity of Mother of God which she bears, and to the transcendent degree of grace and merits which she possessed on earth, and which she had never ceased to increase every moment of her life. [back] Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Change ). l. 5, c. 21, (ol. c. 29, p. 312, ed. Note 2. 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