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slogan for productivity and sustainability

Slogans are one of the effective ways to draw attention to the Event and their things. If you always have consciousness of gender equality at the heart of your policies, then you will have much more democratic, much more sustainable development. But those symptoms will not get sorted unless and until we commit to a radical transformation of the way we create and distribute wealth in the world today - Jonathon Porritt writing in 'Green Futures' (October 2008), The security of people and nations rests on four pillars - food, energy, water and climate. The deficit will worsen with dangerous consequences unless we address population growth sooner rather than later. Sustainability makes good business sense, and we're all on the same team at the end of the day. Genomic science, as the newest frontier in scholarly research, is throwing open the door to a revolutionary way of approaching our health, the health and welfare of animals, and the sustainability of our environment. Don’t throw your future away . That is why the president's budget is a comprehensive and responsible plan that will put us on a path toward fiscal sustainability in the next few years - a down payment toward tackling our challenges in the long term. Sec. The infographic posted below takes a look at ways that employees can increase their productivity at work. Something attempted, Something done, Has earned a nights repose. Reducing poverty, increasing food production, combating terrorism and sustaining economic development are all vital priorities, but it is increasingly clear how rapid climate change will make them even more difficult to address. Action is the foundational key to all success. Design shouldn't have to take a backseat to sustainability and making things responsibly. The imminent decline in the world's supply of oil, which currently provides 40% of traded energy, calls for a radical change in the economic principles on which the World is run, with far-reaching political consequences - Colin Campbell, Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas (2002), Humanity is living off its ecological credit card and can only do this by liquidating the planet's natural resources - Mathis Wackernagel, Global Footprint Network (2006), In a competitive world of limited resources, total freedom of individual action is intolerable - Garrett Hardin, ecologist and microbiologist (1915 - 2003), We must rapidly wean ourselves off our dependence on coal and fossil fuels - Richard Branson, announcing investment of all profits from Virgin transport business, estimated at $3 billion over 10 years, to be invested in fighting global warming (21 September 2006), Reining in energy-intensive activity is the only way to avert ecological catastrophe. I want you to act as if our house is on fire. You and you and you, and me. Safety, Quality & Amount, In That Command. - Jean-Jacques Rousseau, French philosopher, Contentment is natural wealth; luxury, artificial poverty - Socrates (469-399 BC), Live as if you'll die tomorrow, but farm as if you'll live forever - farming proverb, The air, the water and the ground are free gifts to man and no one has the power to portion them out in parcels. I believe there has to be a happy lifestyle medium somewhere between hair shirt hippy and toxic Texan - Tamasin Cave, Editor, Ergo, Living in the UK as if we had three planet Earths to support us is not just unsustainable, it is also shortsighted - unattributable (2003), Make the wrong choices now and future generations will live with a changed climate, depleted resources and without the green space and biodiversity that contribute both to our standard of living and our quality of life - Tony Blair, March 2005, Surely we have the wit and will to develop economically without despoiling the very environment we depend upon - Tony Blair, 2 October 2001, Real progress cannot be measured by money alone. If Canada could simply apply the basic principles of sustainable development, such as the internalization of costs and 'polluters pay,' it would have long-term beneficial effects, both environmental and economic. During my nearly five years as director-general of WHO, high-level policymakers have increasingly recognized that health is central to sustainable development. No great achiever – even those who made it seem easy – ever succeeded without hard work. Ours is a world of looming challenges and increasingly limited resources. Please credit the author when reproducing any of the quotes listed on this website. 51. Neither dollars nor our species will out-survive our planet. Because it is - Greta Thunberg, Swedish teenage climate change activist, addressing World Economic Forum, January 2019, It may sound frightening, but the scientific evidence is that if we have not taken dramatic action within the next decade, we could face irreversible damage to the natural world and the collapse of our societies - Sir David Attenborough on 'Climate Change - The Facts broadcast by BBC, 18th April 2019, Could reporters stop asking political leaders if they "believe" in climate change and start asking if they understand it instead - @megancollins (2018), We are the first generation to feel climate change and the last that can do something about it - President Barack Obama addressing COP21 UN climate summit, Paris (30.11.2015), Climate change is the Tragedy of the Horizon. I think about sustainability all the time, whether it's with fish or farmers in Eastern Oregon. These prices clearly signal the real plight of our seas. The tourism industry has considerable potential to be a sustainability role model in its role as a buyer of goods and other services, from building materials and green construction standards to farm produce. You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction. Occasionally you need little help from below. India and China have no choice but to reinvent the development trajectory - Sunita Narain, Director, Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi (2006), The choices China and India make in the next few years will lead the world either towards a future beset by growing ecological and political instability - or down a development path based on efficient technologies and better stewardship of resources - Worldwatch Institute 'State of the World 2006' report, ...living more sustainably means living happier, more balanced and potentially more fulfilled lives than most of us 'choose' to live today, whatever Jeremy Clarkson may have to say about that! Productivity Everywhere. - Phil Harding, Saltford (2013), I have no doubt that the fundamental source of all our problems, particularly our environmental problems, is population growth - Sir David Attenborough (2016), I started making television programmes in the 1950s. Today is always the most productive day. Like all major transitions in human history, the shift from a linear to a circular economy will be a tumultuous one. Its business has also a lot of opportunities for a job. The scientific evidence tells us all we need to know: carry on with business-as-usual growth-at-all-costs, and we're stuffed - Jonathon Porritt, www.forumforthefuture.org article 'Living within our means' (21 March 2009), Can nine billion people be fed? Join now. Industrial business black sheep among white ones. Everyone wants to make a profit from their business, for that all of them build the industry and manufacturing the best quality of products and send in the market so the customers are buying the products.

R15 V2 Special Edition White, Pomegranate Tree For Sale Uk, Kinders California Chicken Club Calories, Minuet No 2 Cello Piano Accompaniment, 5 Oz Plastic Dessert Cups With Lids, What To Bake With Flour, Sugar, Eggs And Butter, Whole Foods Blackberry Lime Cake, Hand Song Mp3, Pork Tenderloin With Rice Pilaf, Italian Tofu Pasta, Periodo Ipotetico Italiano Esercizi,

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