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st catherine's monastery closed

Likewise, the visitors’ decorum in habit and of respect towards the site is considered as … "We are not asking the government for millions of dollars, we are just asking it for camel food, which would cost it nothing in comparison with the fortunes it made with the help of this community," said Mousa. Until today, potable water hasn’t reached St. Catherine's houses, and those who don't have enough capital to dig wells are forced to buy water or carry their jerry cans to public taps built by other residents who have operating wells on their farms. The monastery is also especially dedicated to the holy prophets Moses and Elias, who both came to this mountain, and who both spoke with Christ at the Transfiguration. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Since the January 2011 uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak's 30 years of dictatorship, the prosperous, tourism-dependent life St. Catherine's Bedouins once enjoyed started dwindling as Egypt descended into political and security turmoil, but no other time was as devastating for this community as the two past months since the ouster of President Mohammed Morsi on July 3. "If a foreigner appears in town now, it’s those living in the beach towns on the southern shore. As a rule, the Holy Monastery is closed on Fridays, on Sundays, as well as during the important feastdays of the Greek Orthodox Church. Cataloging what is there has been a real nightmare. A flashlight is necessary during the night march regardless of the fact that the light of the stars in combination with the altitude and the clearness of the atmosphere furnish one with satisfactory visibility. Box 55089, Sherman Oaks, CA 91499-1964. Content copyright Jihad Watch, Jihad Watch claims no credit for any images posted on this site unless otherwise noted. Meanwhile, the state authorities haven’t moved to help rescue the ailing community despite generating millions of dollars in revenues from hundreds of thousands of tourists who have visited St. Catherine's over the past two decades. You will receive immediate notification. May God have mercy on their souls, for I know that there won’t be much mercy to be found for them on this Earth. Mohannad Sabry is an Egyptian journalist based in Cairo. Today, western couples suffer to pay for a house and only consider having one or two children when they approach their forties, before it is impossible if they want to pay the mortgage, develop a professional career … Muslims have children from At twenty, they have an average of five children per couple … the ratio is not 5 to 1, it is 10 to 1 … minimum. I have visited this monastery many years ago. Ahmed Mousa, a 17-year-old Bedouin of the Jabaleyya, sat at the coffee shop in the town center. Eur, I did a little research, and here is how to contact them: Let’s not give up, Eur. $46.16 per adult. © 2020 Al-Monitor, LLC. Jebaly said that the government turned a blind eye to the town's deteriorating situation. (this is also known as the “Ashtiname of Muhammad”). On account of the great altitude of the site one must take into consideration the great temperature differences between the hours of day and night. They do not care about tomorrow, they have children without measure, without family planning, without the girls having the freedom to choose another life besides being mothers and praying five times a day. Local authorities decided to close down the Saint Catherine Monastery in the Sinai Peninsula, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, on January 5 and January 6, when Christmas church services are held according to the Coptic Orthodox calendar. The general directorate of tourist police further ordered all tourist companies not to lead tours to the historic monastery. On Twitter: @mmsabry. the Lord Jesus be willing to die for the truth, if necessary, as many have in the past and many are dying now. So, US and Nato have a huge hand in the extermination of Christians in the ME and in other parts of the islamic world. Although surrounded by high, thick walls, the Christian site has increasingly come under terror threats, particularly as the Sinai Peninsula is a hotbed of jihadi activity, where Coptic Christians are openly persecuted and sometimes slaughtered. There are two ways to ascend: the historic one (6th century) and the newer one (19th century), setting out on the north-eastern side of the Holy Monastery. (..Christianity will be wiped out in the ME and NA..). Christianity will be wiped out in the ME and NA. That would be about as useful as sending them teddy bears and lighting a few candles. But as long as the Islamists go raging through the Sinai, there will be no peace. The monastery's administration told Al-Monitor that it operated at full capacity between 2004 and 2011, receiving 4,000 visitors — mostly foreign tourists — five days a week. As the monastery is a popular tourist attraction, tourism has become the main source of income for surrounding communities. Thank you for signing up! And this monastery is, clearly, *still* under threat from Muslims. "The tourism sector workers in Luxor have been compensated for the losses they sustained over the past two and a half years. But his life and future plans were gradually destroyed by several factors: deteriorating tourism conditions since 2011, the monastery's closure last month and, finally, the sale of his only camel. For a better view experience we use cookies. The monastery is closed on Fridays and Sundays, as well as during important days of the Greek Orthodox Church. Akin to the rest of Sinai's Bedouin communities, and despite being a bustling, internationally known tourist destination, residents of St. Catherine's have no other sources of income and their infrastructure remains considerably substandard, even non-existent. Islam will not be defeated by “love”, however you want to define it. Sheikh Mousa al-Jebaly, the founder of Sheikh Mousa Lodge that was built yards from the monastery in 1982, hadn’t received a single guest since the first week of August. As a rule, the Holy Monastery is closed on Fridays, on Sundays, as well as during the important feastdays of the Greek Orthodox Church. To give you an example, there was NO Christian Mass celebrated in Iraqi churches for the first time in 1800 years! The monastery is named after Catherine of Alexandria. Christine Douglass-Williams If you are forwarding to a friend, please remove the unsubscribe buttons first, as they my accidentally click it. Sunrise at Mount Sinai and visit St. Catherine Monastery from Sharm el Sheikh. Saint Catherine’s Monastery, Greek Orthodox monastery situated on Mount Sinai more than 5,000 feet (1,500 metres) above sea level in a narrow valley north of Mount Mūsā in the Sinai peninsula. A simple calculation made by the Bedouin gathering proposed that one month's food for the town's 800 camels would cost the government around $68,000 if bought at retail prices the Bedouins normally pay, an amount equivalent to that paid by 13,600 tourists for entrance tickets, which according to the monastery's estimates was collected in less than four days until January 2011. ………………………. The prescribed itinerary within the monastery starts out at the gate situated on the northern wall, from where one is led to a courtyard, the location of Moses’ well, and from thence to the catholicon, and from thence to the Burning Bush and to the sacristy, whence one is led again to the exit. Here’s an ugly bit of history–it was St. Catherine’s Monastery that, in desperation, forged a covenant of protection they claimed to have received from the “Prophet” Muhammad himself. Jamie Glazov, See the text and Codex at, On the monastery, see, BTW Wiki currently states that “… Greek Orthodoxy is a term referring to the body of several Churches within the larger communion of Eastern Orthodox Christianity…” The lodges, the camel stables, the safari guides and even the supermarkets and restaurants," said Jebaly. So–if you offer support, please be general and avoid direct criticism of the Egyptian authorities or of Islam. This website is in English, so they likely can either read English or else have translation software. The reason I bring this up is that this is now brought up all the time by Taqiyya-spewing Muslims to the West, to convince us how enlightened the “Prophet” and his followers are in offering “protection” to Infidels. However, for most of its length one can hire one of the camels that can always be found waiting outside the Holy Monastery. Enter your email address to subscribe. A couple of weeks prior, he sold his camel after he could no longer buy it food. Muslims are going to exterminate all living beings that they consider “kfir”. The monastery was targeted last April, when unknown gunmen opened fire on an Egyptian police checkpoint guarding it, killing one policeman and wounding four.

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