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troubled marriage books

So long as you and your spouse both want to improve your relationship, any one of these books would be worth a try. These 12 books offer some of the best advice available to couples and offer a more affordable alternative to seeing a marriage counselor. published 2017, avg rating 3.55 — 7,280 ratings — 1,495 ratings — Contacting Annis & Vercollone or any individual member of our firm through this site does not establish an attorney-client relationship. With over 11 million copies sold, it is one of the most often recommended books for a failing marriage, and with good reason. 3,724 ratings — Marriage therapists recommend this book for both troubled marriages and healthy ones, as it can help you understand yourself and the love you share much better. 1,686 ratings — Please do not send any confidential or time-sensitive information to us through this site until such time as an attorney-client relationship has been established. Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples by Harville Hendricks, PhD This is arguably the best … published 1998, avg rating 3.84 — We’ve compiled a list of some of the best relationship books for married couples struggling in their relationships and shared some details on what you can expect to find inside each book. There are no rules on how to live with another human being and be happy for life, but there are key communication tools that will ensure you’re always in tune and able to cope with your partner’s point of view, even if you don’t always understand it. Gottman has spent his career researching marriage partnerships, and has come up with seven essential strategies to help correct behaviors that cause discord in relationships. published 2013, avg rating 3.90 — 1,838 ratings — Refresh and try again. published 2012, avg rating 3.99 — 2,879 ratings — published 1995, avg rating 3.68 — Fixing and maintaining a marriage is hard work, but you don’t have to get through on your own. 88 ratings — Redemption book. 3,909 ratings — published 2019, avg rating 4.24 — published 2004, avg rating 3.68 — 468 ratings — 6,467 ratings — 1,204 ratings — 862 ratings — published 1998, avg rating 3.97 — Couples that are working to save their troubled marriage can find any number of resources on how to tackle whatever specific problems they are personally experiencing. 332 ratings — published 2008, avg rating 4.01 — About the author: Dr. Sue Johnson is a recognized leader in the field of clinical psychology. published 1990, avg rating 4.18 — Find hope in that. I LOVE YOU BUT I DON’T TRUST YOU: THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO RESTORING TRUST IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP BY MIRA KIRSHENBAUM4. Do you need a reminder of the Hope you have in God regardless of the season? The book helps you learn which of the 5 “love languages” you and your spouse speak – words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. published 1992, avg rating 3.98 — Even if the book takes a few months to read, you be using the knowledge contained within for the rest of your life. We hope this list helps those of you struggling to find new tools and strategies for your marriage. 490 ratings — The revised edition includes research-based updates from the Gottman Institute as well as new exercises based on that research. Make a list of all the issues about which you have disagreements. 185 ratings — The tools and techniques that are presented have been extracted from the author’s analytical study of couples over a period of years. before we see the Bible verses for a troubled marriage , let me remind you of some of God’s promises of hope. 13,478 ratings — 937 ratings — 47,235 ratings — These are just five examples of books that can strengthen a marriage, but there are countless others out there that can help. 300 ratings — 86 ratings — About the author: Mira Kirshenbaum works Chestnut Hill Institute, known for it’s work in research and psychotherapy. The book offers 10 “guiding principles” to make your marriage last, such as learning to fight so nobody loses, morning and evening rituals to keep you connected, and creating a safe “couple bubble.”. Yes, you may have a troubled marriage, but you also have a powerful loving God who can calm the troubled seas with a word. 14 ratings — WIRED FOR LOVE: HOW UNDERSTANDING YOUR PARTNER'S BRAIN AND ATTACHMENT STYLE CAN HELP YOU DEFUSE CONFLICT AND BUILD A SECURE RELATIONSHIP, BY STAN TATKIN, PSYD3. Self-help books written by trained professionals can offer the same guidance through your struggle. It’s written in a way that helps you to better understand the levels of trust, so that you can identify the stage you’re on and learn how to progress through the stages and fully regain a loving, trusting dynamic within your marriage. 329 ratings — I highly recommend." published 2000, avg rating 4.05 — Welcome back. published 2012, avg rating 3.74 — published 1982, avg rating 3.88 — Sacred MarriageBuy on Amazon. 3. 192 ratings — 472 ratings — He was a Civil War veteran wounded in body and soul. 2,386 ratings — 1,007 ratings — Basically any relationship book by Gottman has the approval of couples therapists everywhere, but this one is arguably the best of the best. published 1995, avg rating 3.76 — 222 ratings — Knowing exactly what makes you and your partner feel most loved is an excellent tool for saving a marriage. published 1998, avg rating 4.21 — 357 ratings — published 1982, avg rating 3.66 — He hosts a radio program “A Love Language Minute,” and holds regular marriage conferences. published 2001, avg rating 4.42 — 994 ratings — I LOVE YOU BUT I DON’T TRUST YOU: THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO RESTORING TRUST IN YOUR … Author Gary Thomas explores the question, "What if God designed … Sounds simple enough, but couples often get lost. This book is recommended for any couple struggling with trust, whether the struggle comes from infidelity, dishonesty, betrayal, or something from the past. However, if seeing a counselor is not in your budget, there are some other helpful alternatives. After all, you never know what will work for you and your marriage. About the author: Jon M. Gottman, PH.D. claims to be able to “predict divorce with 91% accuracy.” He is able to do so after having dedicated his career to long-term studies of couples. 253 ratings — published 2010, avg rating 3.95 — This book will teach you ways to be emotionally safe and fearless when opening up with one another. published 2005, avg rating 3.82 — published, avg rating 3.96 — This book is great for the couple that wants to work through the pitfalls of marriage using a scientific, research-based approach. published 2002, avg rating 4.04 — THE FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES: THE SECRET TO LOVE THAT LASTS BY GARY CHAPMAN.

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