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usda organic almonds

Will they try to irradiate spinach, or will they realize the process will actually destroy the delicate product? USDA, put an hold on your almonds rules ,organic almonds should have been exempt from your rules. Other offers may also be available. Folk medicine evolved through careful observation of the beneficial effects of certain herbs and substances on human health—and modern science frequently validates our ancestors’ observations. A special report by Robert Verkerk, PhD, ANH-USA Scientific Director and ANH-Europe Executive and Scientific Director. Why are they wasting their time on items which are already “safe”, and not spending their time on products coming from China, which have been proven to contain carcinogens and radioactive materials and poisons, and worse, and why are they not “taking care of” items already in the US like the famous “peanut butter” killer of the past. We vote for raw almonds being made available to those of you who think that is the best choice for them. Great work demons!! associated with reduced risk of heart disease, a rich source of calcium, It was a lengthy and painful death for this young person. Why would the USDA include a known toxic method to treat almonds?? Organic almonds should be exempt from the almond rule. Or, you can purchase organic, unpasteurized almonds which have been grown abroad, such as from Italy. This method uses chemicals that are very toxic to human beings and proven to be so. I petition in order to keep almonds raw. If you mistakenly believe that raw almonds are a health risk then demand that untreated almonds be labeled as raw and untreated….and certainly if almonds are treated with the carcinogen propylene oxide or destroyed nutritionally by heat…then again demand they be labeled as such. No one has died and then we are to be subjected to who knows what? Don’t lie to the public. Do not go crying to mother USDA for help, as in an unfair advantage. Organic almonds should be exempt. Isn’t “funny” that in all these shootings are direct at innocent people? They are all raw and sprout-able. It will also let us take a stand against the USDA and call attention to the public policy and public health implications of the almond rule. Roger Fuller. Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab, Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab, Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab. Suzanne Goodemote, Dear USDA Friends, Good value, Accurate description shipped quickly. 75, a price that can be found until Nov 10 whether or not you have Xbox Stay Gold.|. Here we go again. We do not need to have every food item we consume to be choked and robbed of nutrient value to make it “safe”, which is bogus anyway! Far-fetched? Is this still America? Has some favored individual produced a novel patent-worthy pasteurization algorithm or device, and is waiting in the side lines for the agency to “prepare the field with this farce? SF. Even if the conventional almonds are PPO-free, they are allowed to be sprayed with other super-toxic chemicals, such as glyphosate — the primary ingredient in Monsanto’s RoundUp. Of the last two, steam causes a marked reduction in nutrient content and partially cooks the nuts, and PPO is, according to the EPA, a “probable human carcinogen.”. Raw, untreated, organic almonds, eaten on a daily basis, are known to prevent some cancers. There is a good reason why the spraying of PPO is banned in organic — it is a super-toxic chemical that is used in foams in furniture and car seats, building insulation, waterproof clothing and aircraft de-icers. Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 license. Thousands of people may die from prescription drugs each year, but many more lives are saved by them. Why do we exist in the 1930’s realm of cancer advances and treatment? announcing that all almonds including organic must be pasteurized. Anyone would agree that that would be fair.. Additionally, the rule was being opposed by small California growers not because of some belief that truly raw almonds are better, but because it cost them money. Tell the FDA to go pound sand, and all the monsanto expats that work at the top of the FDA food chain. PLUS the products come from certain parts of the world where they do NOT CLEAN product, USE HARMFUL FERTILIZERS, HARMFUL INSECTICIDES, ETC., ETC., ETC. Whether you prefer pasteurized or unpasteurized almonds, one thing is certain — they must be organic. choices? Yours sincerely Since 1996, when the first large-scale harvest of a GMO crop occurred in the United States, scientists have added genes from unrelated species to crops in order to make them resistant to disease and pests, have longer shelf lives and be easier to grow. Jem Organics, a fantastic brand of organic almond butters, purchases its raw, organic almonds from Spain. Recently we told you how telecom companies are working with the federal government to eliminate local control over the deployment of 5G networks, which are billed as the next best thing in wireless technology. Raw, untreated, organic almonds are my PRIMARY source of daily protein – the only protein I am not allergic to. Case in point: almonds. Of course there are so many GE food collaborators they will probably have to build a special prison for all of them. They are an excellent source of manganese, copper, and vitamin B2 (all of which are important for the body’s energy production). Second time purchasing almonds from same owner. The FDA needs a new moniker: The Artificial Food and Drug These products and our own produce need to be monitored. They have gone way over the top. o Poisoned Air Spraying Kind Regards to stay it sensible. agency initials does not give me any confidence that it will be good for me. One responsibility of USDA is to protect the food supply. yours truly, How you can conclude it is toxic? I should be able to read labels and ingredients to know what I am buying and eating. These people have got to be stopped from messing with our food,. Who are the people in the USDA? Other countries have banned GMO’s. Like many other nuts, almonds are bursting with nutrition. crops everywhere. This agency is backwards protect from natural omega 3 and give us 2-4-d in(agent Orange) As a result, the USDA implemented a rule that required all almonds grown in California to be pasteurized. The U.S. Department of Agriculture manages the National Organic Program (NOP) and authorizes certification. USDA Organic Whether you're already certified organic, considering transitioning all or part of your operation, or working with organic producers, we have resources for you. Our country needs to be protecting its people, not harming everyone’s health to make a profit! Berberine, quercetin, honokiol, ECGC, resveratrol, and probably butyrate promote longevity in the same way as vinegar Many USDA agencies serve the growing organic sector. USDA should be ashamed of itself, after allowing all kinds of horrors in the food, they now I repeat 3 chicken houses held 70,000 chickens.in Delmar Md.. How big are those chicken house to be able to safely hold that many chickens? Ooh, Scary! Support California’s PROPOSITION 37 demanding that GM foods be labeled as such. There is no proof once evapored PPO exist on that product. Just say to taking the “life” out of the food we eat. Our almonds are certified organic and truly raw. USDA did not go through the normal, open public hearing and comment process when issuing the almond rule. I eat raw almonds for my health. I already know the answer man…. Get your FREE subscription to Organic Insider today! Our greens need to be at optimal nutrition, without salmonella or other sickening problems, our vegetables, and flours need to be safe from adulteration, including not having unknown GMO’s in our food and drink products. All you idiots have to do is abide by a JUST LABEL IT policy. After all, if we can’t get our nutrients from almonds, we can get them from drug companies. By inspecting everything from the color of the leaves to the appearance of the roots,  we can make expert judgement as to what the orchards need. Can this be considered California’s Almond Board colluded with the USDA to propose mandatory “sterilization” across the industry, and the USDA agreed to implement and enforce the new rule. this is is important to me I eat a lot of organic raw almonds. Just curious, if I buy almonds but blanch them myself and make almond milk out of them, would I still be consuming glyphosate? Dear ANH-USA: It’s not. Our almonds are still alive and will sprout!

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