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value conflict in school

View or download all content the institution has subscribed to. This product could help you, Accessing resources off campus can be a challenge. %%EOF View or download all the content the society has access to. 0 h��Vmo�6�+�K�-�HE ���H����j�9lɰ�-����^,;n�,؆A�H�#����rP����� ���9�� � Reforms in Greek education 1991–2011: Reforms or something else? You can be signed in via any or all of the methods shown below at the same time. Conflict management and team effectiveness in China: The mediating role of justice, Conflict management for effective top management teams and innovation in China, Principal’s leadership as a critical factor for school performance: Evidence from multi-levels of primary schools, Educational Resources Information Center, Ohio State University, Basic skills, staffing of school units and training of educators, Forgetting about friendship: Using conflict in teacher communities as a catalyst for school change, Developing comparative international educational leadership and management: A cross-cultural model, Similarities and differences in role conflict, role commitment and job satisfaction for female and male high school principals, Conceptual ability, emotional intelligence and relationship management: A multinational study, Quality in the human resource educational management: A critical approach in the system of Total Quality Management, The creative communication as a tool of conflict management in a school environment, A training programme for support teachers: Collaborative consultation and conflict management, School leadership succession and the challenges of change, Teacher commitment, working conditions and differential incentive policies, What goes around comes around: The impact of personal conflict style on work conflict and stress, Rational actors: Channel selection and rational choices in romantic conflict episodes, The sustainability of innovative schools as learning organisations and professional learning communities during standardized reform, Governance, autonomy and accountability in education, Toward a theory of school administration: The centrality of leadership, Managing conflict appropriately and effectively: An application of the competence model to Rahim’s organisational conflict styles, Unseen forces: The impact of social culture leadership, Leading from the chalk-face: An overview of school leadership, Distributed leadership: Evidence and implications, Leadership style and choice of strategy in conflict management among Israeli nurse managers in general hospitals, Conflict management strategies of principals in site-based managed schools, Urban teacher commitment: Exploring associations with organisational conflicts, support for innovation and participation, Designing better schools: The meaning and measure of enabling school structures, The wrong solution to the teacher shortage, Team effectiveness and six essential servant leadership themes: A regression model based on items in the organizational leadership assessment, Bureaucracy, powerlessness and teacher work values, How context matters in high need schools: The effects of teachers’ working conditions on their professional satisfaction and their students’ achievement, Managing emotions during team problem solving: Emotional intelligence and conflict resolution, Potential influence structure as sources of interpersonal conflicts in groups and organisations, Conflict in schools: Student nurses’ conflict management styles, An investigation of conflict resolution in educational organisations, Paidagogico Institouto (Pedagogical Institute) Publications (in Greek, The role of culture and personality in choice of conflict management strategy, Principles of healthy communication in kindergarten, Aristotelio University of Thessaloniki, Department of Philoshophy and Pedagogical Sciences, Thesaloniki, Greece (in Greek, Do conflict management styles affect group decision making? There are the following types of conflicts at school. How to Resolve Conflict by Thinking Win-Win. Teachers, parents, students, and administrators - we are all on the same team. The email address and/or password entered does not match our records, please check and try again. This empirical study investigates the potential sources of conflict in Greek primary schools, determine appropriate approaches for the handling of conflicts and offers recommendations, based on the findings, for a more creative conflict management style in order to enhance school performance. 1. 89 0 obj <>stream The return to simpler strategies in job analysis: the case of municipal clerks, How teachers experience principal leadership: The role of professional community, trust, efficacy and shared responsibility, School voices: Challenges facing education systems after identity-based conflicts, A case study in change and conflict: The Dallas independent school district, New boundaries for school based management: The high investment model, Effect of middle-level leader and teacher emotional intelligence on school teachers’ job satisfaction, British Educational Leadership, Management and Administration Society, Conflicts in schools, conflict management styles and the role of the school leader, http://buyersguide.ascendmedia.com/APPAMSessions/PDF/PAPER2559.pdf, http://www.regent.edu/acad/sls/publications/conference_proceedings/servant_leadership_roundtable/2005/pdf/nixon_the_servant.pdf, http://nau.edu/COE/eJournal/_Forms/spring2013/Saiti, http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=915949NumberofPagesinpdf. ��9ig&����a�n�-����/os2��7�Hj�1iy7>ɩ�|r�\�I���������8�\%֢�M����9��CZ*�Pr ��>���홄����jR,�9�����f�m^�v4����5��)�@�! The warring parties provide each other intolerable conditions of existence, take part in various conspiracies. 68 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<74F54910B17F2248A5707EB8FC1DD97E>]/Index[50 40]/Info 49 0 R/Length 93/Prev 313315/Root 51 0 R/Size 90/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream ՕXT,����ZN��h���K�5�f����H���Wz�͊�&W�Y-�Ѭ�S�W���a��h��._ G��.m͆�(���6�/g��,�L��Hu ,^Վ�e Conflict may occur in any organization (and hence school) and, for schools, conflict management style is a joint activity and the degree of its effectiveness determines the type of impact of conflict on school performance. �x(������ ����M�a�� �O�71�k(�4>�� ���T��{J��fb�Q���� +�z8::������j�:QfmA ��Ad?�� �1�A�* b��p�1�c��Pgj{����,�����8XC�,��r� ��� nm4� Moreover, the results showed that there is a greater likelihood for these conflicts to arise in urban schools than in other regions. ]o�� w4Ɲ�јL���h��o"��X�x8O�ӟ��`�ǃ�9���c1Fr ��y,���1s,�}�8�j�8qf\���S/0s,�C�8�z̘#�9*���e���2n:G����~�E���yҍaZ閯������*�Km�=�����Kٽyw�"���g{ן��F���l|T��j�ԝ�w{i��5

Flute Emoji Copy, Japanese Name Meaning Flower, Chicken Sausage Hash, How To Make Rice Water, Can I Substitute Sage For Thyme, Godrej Aer Car Perfume Refill, Blackberry Cardamom Muffins, Can Gatorade Cause Sore Throat, Are Women's Best Leggings Sweat Proof,

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