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yugioh zexal astral deck

However, Astral managed to destroy Number 96 in a explosion, finally ending his threat once and for all. Astral Astral gaining some guidance from the "Numbers". After witness Hart's power, Astral learned Hart is able to communicate with him, much to his surprised. Astral thinks he is referring to Mr. Heartland and solidified his theory of the carnival being used to hunt "Numbers". Astral complimented his partner on his play and the way he evolved as a Duelist. After using the effects of both "Abyss Splash" and "Numeron Dragon" to boost the ATK of "Utopia" to 102,000, Astral and Yuma attack "Numeronius Numeronia", but Don Thousand uses the effect of "Numeronius Numeronia" to negate the attack and boost his Life Points to 102,900. However, Mizar refused to listen to them as Kite told them to stay out of his way. [86], While the Barian World used brainwashed minions to make attempts on the "Numbers", Astral helped Yuma in his Duels against them[87][88] [98] Recovering inside the Key, Astral was confronted by Number 96, who told him he couldn't win against the Barians without accepting his evil side. ", as an attack was negated, allowing him to double the ATK of "Utopia" and attack again. Yuma told Astral that he remembered the promise he made to his friend: that when the time comes for them to have a final Duel, he would face him with a huge smile and give it everything he's got. This includes a large array of anti-Xyz cards such as "Overlay Owl" and "Muzurhythm the String Djinn" as Xyz Monsters are popular within the tournament as well as to collect the "Number" archetype easily. On the verge of losing, Number 96 reappeared before Astral to remind him of his advice, saying that something may happen to Yuma if he loses inside the Key. On top of the airship, Kazuma appeared before Astral, saying he did well in protecting Yuma since he sent him back to his son, just as he thought he would. After gaining "Number 83: Galaxy Queen", Astral remembers his birth, and that he may have had a mother and also he was given the mission to protect his world, possibly meaning he was created solely for this task. He was sent to the Human World by Eliphas to destroy the Barian World in order to Rank-Up their world, but after Kazuma Tsukumo modified his programming, he was sent to Yuma instead. Astral overcame his fear and decided to actually fight. [104] Astral tried to calm an infuriated Yuma during the Duel, but Yuma refused to heed his warning. Android Deck Building Application, Number 62: Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon, Secret of the Ancients 1: Secret of Beasts, Orcustrating A New Gameplan: Why You Should Still Play Orcusts, 1st Place LCS 8 Virtual World 2020 (UNDEFEATED) Gabriel Netz. He assisted Yuma in defending an injured Dumon from a bear, but since Astral didn't recognize Dumon in human form, he warned Yuma not to trust the boy "Nash" so easily. Astral's birth and that he was given a mission about his world's future. Wondering why he couldn't take an "Over-Hundred Number" card, Astral suddenly became weakened and faded again from being in the "Sphere Field". Very strong. Anime Deck [23] Afterwards, Astral begins to smile more often at Yuma since then and even cheered him on with his friends and family when he was trying to do his 20-stack challenge. Once Astral gains "Number 34: Terror-Byte", he remembers that is he is from the Astral World and his world is in great crisis. [1], The "Numbers" are Astral's memories and his source of finding out why he has been sent to Earth to be with Yuma. In the non-canon episode, Aim For Number 1 in the World!, Astral joined Yuma when he was forced by Tori to visit her friend Summer at a Gymnastic building, and later watched Yuma Duel with Taiki. Later in front of the "Numbers" gears, Astral finally remembered his mission was to annihilate the Barian World. Duelist Yuma denies it, and says Hart needs saving more than he does right now. [123] On the ship, Astral comforted Yuma over his fight with Trey and Quinton. During a Duel with Vetrix, Yuma started to eat the rice balls that Tori gave him prior to the Duel which allowed Astral, who was fused with him to feel the sensation of eating for the first time. Astral was last seen going through a dimensional portal to meet Yuma, reminding himself of what he was able to learn at Yuma's side and vowed to keep fighting to learn to understand each other before yelling "kattobingu"(In the dub Astral says high five the sky).[1]. I will remember that. After "Galaxy-Eyes" appeared, Astral become over shrouded with fear towards Kite. Anime debut They used "Utopia Rising" to revive "Utopia" as Nash brought out "Number 73: Abyss Splash" and used "Bonds of Hope" to revive "Numeron Dragon". [40] As a result of this battle, fragments of Astral's power were scattered across the Human World and designated the location of the Numeron Code. [70] In the "Magma Field" field, they confront Vetrix again and learned about his plans to use Shark to as assassin to defeat Dr. Yuma would make a good dog. Yuma denied this claim, saying he trusts Astral and would let Astral use the "Numbers" for good. [35], While Astral manages to fight back with "Number C39: Utopia Ray" and reduce Kite's life to 1300, Kite takes the upper hand again and reduces Astral's life to 400. Astral told his partner that he knew that this was no bluff this time, as he remembered Yuma telling him that he found a way to make his own destiny. Afterwards, he gets completely possessed and his body changes from white to pitch-black. After Yuma Tsukumo gives the Key to Tori and ran off to Duel Fender in order to protect Astral, Astral's concentration broke as the Key had closed, and sensed that a Duel had begun. Yu-Gi-Oh! ", "It seems there is a good feeling even with defeat. Although, Astral needs his current partner to have "Numbers" and will start dying if those "Numbers" are forcefully taken away or when Yuma is losing life points in a Duel with an opponent that has a "Number". Astral and Yuma facing two "Number" monsters. Then he equips "Leo" with "Photon Spear and inflicted piercing damage to Astral when Kite attacked and destroyed "Giant". However, Yami Yugi is more about pride while losing for Astral in a Number Duel would cause his death. They took the form of 50 "Numbers", among them the seven Mythyrian "Numbers"[41] and the four "Gate of Numeron" monsters. [42], According to Jinlon, this battle brought destruction to the Earth and it must never be allowed to happen again. [61], During the Duel, Yuma and Kite are incapable to worked together, causing Astral to suffered as Yuma's Life Points to dropped, but he told Yuma it was okay.

Cardboard Fairy House Template, Pokemon Jungle Set, Necco Wafers - Chocolate Rolls 24 Count, Copenhagen Train Map, Fast Food Consumption Statistics 2020, Ucc Evangelion 2020, Easton Mako 2015 Orange 29/18, What Is The Best Elite Trainer Box,

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