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Festa Fira del Perelló
  • 9h00. Beginning of the Perelló Apple Festival. Installation of the Stands and opening to the public

    9h30. Free Guided Tour with starting point the entrance of La Vall d’Ebo (bus stop)

    11h00. Cooking workshops with the Perelló apple by the hand of Evarist Miralles
    (El nou cavall Verd de La Vall de Laguar) and from PAU (local cook)

    12h00 Cercavila and Musical Animation by the music band of La Vall d’Ebo

    13h00 New! Performance by the singer-songwriter of Pedreguer Lluís Fornés El Sifoner

    14h00 POPULAR MEAL

    9h00-18h00: At the stands you can buy local products directly from the producers (Honey from La Vall d’Ebo, Olive oil from La Vall d’Ebo, Apples from La vall d’Ebo, Nuts, Almonds, etc.), Delicatessen of The Association of Women of La Vall d’Ebo, Stand of Festeros 2020, and other stands, Craft Beer, Artisan Cheeses, and a long etc.

    9h00-18h00: Children’s games, donkey rides, House Museum, Cave Cueva del Rull

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